USA Colgems albums
Label Variations

These are but a very small sampling of the variations found on the Colgems labels.
Since there were millions made, the the best I can do is show what I've found
and any tendencies the pressing plants seem to show.

The 'deep groove' that is on most labels is only indicative of the manufacturing process
and has nothing to do with the sound quality of a record, unless
it happens to coincide with the first pressings (which isn't always the case).

The stamper number in the dead wax or runoff groove is a much better
indicator of possible sound quality.

The Monkees

Basically, all the labels look the same.
The Indianapolis label does not have the 'deep groove'.


More Of The Monkees

The Hollywood label has the LP titles in BOLD.
Rockaway has the big MONO or STEREO.
The two Indianapolis labels show the original plus the later reissue which
has the trademark removed from under the "Colgems".


The Monkees' Headquarters

Same as "More Of The Monkees".


Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn
& Jones Ltd.

As shown on the Indianapolis label, the trademark
under "Colgems" is removed and the one at the bottom
is relocated under the RCA circle symbol.


The Birds, The Bees
& The Monkees

The word "Mono" on the Rockaway label uses a slightly
different font. Otherwise, no real differences in the labels.




Instant Replay


The Monkees Greatest Hits

The Hollywood label has "The Monkees" twice with the titles in BOLD.
The Rockway and Indianapolis start to remove the RCA circle symbol at the bottom
and we we see for the first time the Colgems circle symbol.


Film Festival

Missing a Hollywood version.


The Monkees Present

Rockaway has some labels with the "STEREO" missing.



Rockaway using the new style label with the
Colgems circle symbol.


Barrel Full Of Monkees

The Rockaway & Indianapolis also look
the same for this last one.