Monkeemania 2 LP Set

This greatest hits package was originally created in Australia
and later issued in New Zealand and Italy in 1980.

This was the first Monkee LP I ever bought (even though I got the cassette version).
The double LP, gatefold cover, sleeves with extensive liner notes, discography & photos,
make this truly unique for its time.

All the countries jackets are the same, except for the differences noted below.


"Just having read back a bit you might like to know that back in the 80's I was able to wander around the tape vault in EMI, Sydney and came across the "masters" of "Monkeemania" and I had, like many others back then wondered about the legitimacy of the tracks "Tema Dei Monkees"; "Love To Love" and "Steam Engine". Well lo and behold there were three other separate tape boxes (one for each song) containing not professional recording tapes but just small Home Recorded "Reel to Reel" tapes! Totally bootleg recordings from good knows what sources and still to this day I have no idea how they got away with it. The guy who did this now runs "Raven Records" and very often puts unreleased bootlegged material on compilations. He must have found a loophole somewhere! I think I have photocopies of the tape boxes somewhere in my collection.. must dig them out someday."

- Klaatuhf 4-12-2012 (Hoffman Music Forums)




Monk 1


Arista/Festival Records






New Zealand

Monk 1



2RB 255