This was available for pre-order beginning in September of 1991, with a scheduled
release date of November for the UK. The music was licensed from Arista,
but the B&W photo on the rear jacket had to be licensed separately from
Colombia pictures, which lead to production delays.
It wasn't actually released until August of 1992.

Lightning Export was a subsidiary of Telstar Records, a British label that went
out of business in 2004. This was the first release of "Head" on CD,
predating Rhino's version by two years.

In their June 1992 issue Monkee Business Fanzine (MBF) reported that they
initially were going to press 1500 copies; however, it's unknown if more were pressed.
There were no bonus songs, but it had good liner notes & photos. It had the
extended stereo version of "Porpoise Song" and the 'vocals-up' mix of "Circle Sky".
Lightning wanted to make the CD look as close to the original RCA UK release as possible,
so the front jacket had a white background, not silver like the Rhino release.


They created a limited numbered edition of the CD that included
the names of all those who purchased these in advance (by October 31, 1991).
Only 193 made the cut. Is your name on this list?

#35 Ed Reilly graciously shared with me his stamped card,
and I picked up #150 on the secondary market.

Other names that stand out to me on this edition are:

#33 Maggie McManus
#79 Lisa Manekofsky
#113 Fred Velez
#136 Joe Reagoso (Friday Records)

Thanks to Ben Belmares for sharing his MBF issues with me!


Released in August 1992

LIG CD 5001


Subscription Cards


LIG CD 5001