Michael Nesmith
The Prison

Released in March 1975
Highest Chart Position: --

Box Set

Original box features a color booklet cover
and artwork on the paper LP sleeves.


Reissued in 1977

Regular LP Jacket

Now a B&W cover with a slight change
in the catalog number and labels.


Stage Production Program

According to the book, "Total Control" In June 1976 Michael put on a stage production
of "The Prison" at Sonoma State University and The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.
One of the performances may have aired on KCBS-FM radio in San Francisco.

Michael provided narration while ballet dancers performed to the music.
This is a rare copy of the that program.

From the Collection of Ed Reilly


This book is basically the same for both LP releases;
these pictures are from the second printing.

Thanks to Ben Belmares for providing all these pictures!