Micky Dolenz
USA Kid Rhino Cassettes

Rhino Entertainment founded Kid Rhino in February 1991 to
create audio & video family entertainment products.

The 1996 Barrelful Of Monkees comp was also on this label.

The long box with the peg-hook was released in toy stores,
retail shops, etc. to reach non-traditional music markets.

Micky Dolenz
Puts You To Sleep

Released on October 22, 1991

R4 70413
Long Box

The first version opened like a book with the lyrics & cassette inside.


PRO4 90097
Advance Promo

The complete program is on each side.


R4 70414


Broadway Micky

Released on April 5, 1994

R4 71676
Long Box

(no pictures)


R4 71677