Colgems stereo 8
Paperboard Sleeves

RCA transitioned to these
paperboard sleeves in late 1968.

1969 RCA Catalog



Released in December 1968
(Cash Box 12-14-68)


"Head was released at the same time as the "Oliver" soundtrack,
which was initially available in the hard shell case. So it's possible
that "Head" was also issued in this way, however
none have ever turned up for sale.


Cash Box Article


Instant Replay

Released in March 1969
(Cash Box 3-15-69)



RCA Sampler
MS8 3-69

Tear Drop City


The Monkees Greatest Hits

Released in July 1969
(Cash Box 6-28-69)



RCA Sampler
MS8 7-69

I'm A Believer


The Monkees Present

Released in November 1969
(Billboard 11-1-69)



RCA Sampler
MS8 11-69

Good Clean Fun



Released in July 1970
(Based on the below RCA sampler,
as there was no mention of this in the trade papers)



RCA Sampler
MS8 7-70

Oh My My


Barrel Full Of Monkees

Released in January 1971


The LP was released in January 1971;
no evidence has been found to give this
an exact release date.