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MAY 4:

Reader Jesus Galeote from Spain shared his promo Last Train sleeve
which confirms that this was the first issued. It is dated August 19, 1966.

I've updated the page for this record.


The Different Drum release courtesy of Ben Belmares


MAY 1:

Completed my D,J,B&H singles with this third one from Japan



Micky's single from Dolenz Sings Nesmith came out last Friday.
Both of these are excellent songs, although if you have already purchased
the upcoming CD/LP it might feel like double dipping
since there was no physical product issued for the single.

Recently the only hard copy promos have come from Europe or the UK.
Hopefully they created one for the market there and it will eventually show up for sale.



Finally found the last Japanese Bell EP The Monkees Present



A new entry from the Presswell pressing plant in Ancora, NJ:

These were made from stampers produced at the Rockway NJ plant,
so they have an "R" in the dead wax.



Finally officially announced yesterday, Friday Music will do their Missing Links series
on vinyl for Record Store Day on July 17. Each release is in one of two colors
randomly assorted blind box style.



Added a couple Japanese CDs, including what I believe is the first one ever in Japan,
Monkees The Best
from 1986 and the 5 CD set The Original Album Collection.



LP images for the forthcoming Dolenz Sings Nesmith


And Ed Reilly's cassette tapes from Italy:


Also Added the Readers Digest LP Here Comes The Monkees



Promotional postcards from Germany & the Netherlands;
from their debut in October 1966:

Reader Yan Helgos Folkerts correctly pointed out that the
second one is from the Netherlands!



Sampling of promotional labels from around the world


Upcoming Releases:

Micky Dolenz
Dolenz Sings Nesmith
May 21


The Day-By-Day book
Revised & updated for release sometime in June


The Monkees
2 LP Special Edition
Original release date was March 19, 2021, then delayed
until May 7 and now till June 18.


Missing Links Series
July 17

Headquarters SDE
The 3 CD box set series continues
Release date unknown
Best chance seems to be an announcement in conjunction with the Fall tour.


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