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Well that Pisces release will indeed be a part of Rhino SYEOR 2022 program
confirmed at Bullmoose and other outlets where you can pre-order it.

It will be on translucent green vinyl. Curious what that one will look like.

Two years ago they did another SYEOR The Monkees Greatest Hits.

Would be the first stand-alone Pisces LP release by Rhino since what, 1986?



Bullmoose records has a Pisces release scheduled for January 14 from Rhino records.

Could this be another "Start your ear off right" release?
It's the 55 anniversary for the Pisces album.



Added to the site this week, Best of the Monkees the UK cassette on the original hanger card:

The tape is fairly common but the J-hook card always seems to get lost
Thanks to Ed Reilly (once again) for sharing this find!



Here is a jukebox strip that Akira Suzuki shared with us on our FB group
for the Italian jukebox only records.

A great find, as these never turn up for sale.



Found a very nice copy of Davy's Colpix single from Canada:


A new find from Zimbabwe and added this new country to the album list.

A dealer in the UK sold this to me and he said his brother-in-law used to be a DJ in Zimbabwe.
Zimbabwe was Rhodesia until 1980.

I checked it out and the printer who made the jacked (Bardwell) was & is still operating
in the land of Z which seems to confirm his story. Also the label on side 2 is promo stamped.
The Bardwell name is found on the lower right corner on the reverse jacket.



And another one from Colombia..this time it's the stereo version of Birds
Ed Reilly recently found this one; added to the site today:




A new find, Instant Repay from Colombia:

It includes the original RCA inner sleeve with a picture of the first LP.



Sampling of promotional labels from around the world


Upcoming Releases:

Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd
Mono LP from Friday Music on Turquoise or Violet Vinyl
Estimated to ship December 10, 2021

Pre-order Turquoise

Pre-order Violet


Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd
Stereo LP from Rhino on Translucent Green Vinyl
Start Your Ear Off Right series
Release date is Friday January 14, 2022


More Of The Monkees
Run Out Groove double LP on black or green vinyl
April 15, 2022

Headquarters SDE
The 3 CD box set series continues
Release date unknown


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