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Last weekend Charles Rosenay interviewed Andrew Sandoval and he said
Rhino ended up actually pressing 4800 copies of the HQ SDE; partly because they wanted
more boxsets available to sell on Micky's upcoming tour.

As of today it is still for sale at



Created new pages for some recently acquired Arista cassettes
for The Monkees Greatest Hits



All three versions from Australia


Added in some better scans for the Colgems Reel-To-Reel page
for Casino Royale & Head.




Thanks to reader Sigrid Louisa Thomsen who shared these images of this
rare Nesmith single from Canada

Texas Morning & Tumbling Tumbleweeds


A new variation in this Australia EP
"Volume 2" is changed to "Volume II" and Papa Gene's becomes Papa Gene's Blues




Some new LP finds from Akira Suzuki -

Stereo Pisces from Israel


Then & Now from South Korea


The Wichita Train Whistle Sings from the UK (mono)


and from Canada




From Switzerland:

A German record club version that was pressed in Switzerland -
a first for any Monkees record from that country.




Updated the Polish flexi page and added in a few new ones
(Courtesy of Akira Suzuki)

Papa Gene's Blues


Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day


Good Vibrations/I'm A Believer




Updated the site to include all the rest of the non-Monkee Colgems releases
for cassettes, open reels & Stereo 8s of which there are not very many.

Stereo 8: The Lewis & Clarke Expedition, Flying Nun, Casino Royale, Oliver,
Interlude & Getting Straight

Reel to Reel: Casino Royale & Oliver

Cassettes: Oliver & Getting Straight

Something interesting I found out: Getting Straight may have been the last Colgems cassette
(assuming Changes came out at the same time as the LP). Unfortunately
I don't know anyone who has one, so no pictures for now.


The HQ box set is surprisingly still available to purchase at



Updated logo at the top for the upcoming year


A perfectly misaligned song credit for Shorty Rodgers has it appear
that his name is crossed out!


Found this picture sleeve with the updated RCA logo for this Australian
Girl I Knew Somewhere

This was probably reissued when the Monkees toured in September 1968

Added the Guatemala button on the left. Someone on Discogs
uploaded this so adding this one now.



Created a page for this Japanese (promo) CD for Nesmith's Infinite Tuesday
(Photos courtesy of Ed Reilly)



Added the Casino Royale 8-Track.

These non-Monkee Colgems releases are so impossible to find.



Monkees from Israel
(Photos courtesy of Rikizo Komori)

A mono copy of More Of The Monkees

I believe this Arista Greatest Hits is a promo.



Test pressing of the new Headquarters SDE single All Of Your Toys/Girl I Knew Somewhere


Unnumbered yellow pressing promo copy of The Monkees from Run Out Groove


Infinite Tuesday CD with a promo punched UPC added to Nesmith's Rhino page


Rhino email (12.9.2022) for the Blu-Ray box set

Rhino also says there are "less than 250 copies" of HQ SDE left.
Should be sold out by Christmas.


Also picked up a sealed first pressing of the very first Rhino box set Listen To The Band

Christmas 1991 ad from a Wiz catalog
(Courtesy of Ed Reilly)



Three new cassettes:

That Was Then, This Is Now.....from Peru
(Courtesy of Ed Reilly)

and the Philippines


And another Monkeemania, this one is the second reissue from 1987



Sampling of promotional labels from around the world


Upcoming Releases:

Pisces SDE: 2023?


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