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Added a new find - More Of The Monkees 8-track from Italy



Scored this original ad for the Colgems cereal box records from the estate of the late Marty Eck


Also added to my Japanese Arista cassette page, an unused copy of for Then & Now...


And finally found a copy of this very hard to find Canadian Bell 8-track
and this one is a Lear Jet cartridge, which hasn't been seen with this release before.

In doing research on this one it seems this tape may have been not released until 1974.
Which is the same year everything Bell moved to Arista. So its possible this was only
manufactured in that year which would explain why they are so hard to find.



Beatland books has finally started taking preorders for Micky's book

I'm Told I Had A Good Time

so get your copy today. Well actually it's not released until December 6.




Michael's Infinite Rider 8-track from Canada
(Courtesy of Ed Reilly)


Promo copy of the 1981 Japanese Reissue for The Point
(Also Courtesy of Ed Reilly)

and an original UK Flyer for The Point LP



An original RCA ad from Spain for Valleri
(Courtesy of Jesus Galeote)



Just Announced - Micky's next project Dolenz Sings R.E.M.
A 4 song EP on CD & Yellow Vinyl.



Created a new page for the Japanese pressing of The Point LPs:
(Courtesy of Akira Suzuki)


Found a nice copy of Daydream Believer with the Shorty Rogers credit from the Rockaway plant.
This was only found on the later pressings and has been really difficult to find.


Found a few more Colgems error labels


and found the Greatest Hits CRC version with an orange/red cartridge;
this is the third color found so far for these tapes:



A test pressing of the Birds LP from Sundazed recently came up for sale on eBay -

It's dated August 22, 1996 which helps confirm the release date (9.11.1996)


Ed Reilly found a real nice copy of this early promo for the first LP

Regular promo version (which is still really hard to find)



A rare Arista tape from Japan, Rock'n Roll Best 20
(Courtesy of Ed Reilly)


The LP is more commonly found


Added to the Germany Arista page - Then & Now...The Best Of The Monkees:
(Courtesy of Rikizo Komori)

First pressings were analog mastered and has Girl I Knew Somewhere in mono

Later pressings were digitally mastered and Girl is now in stereo.



Acquired some unused Colgems labels & production samples


Found another flexi for A Little Bit Me/Girl I Knew Somewhere from Poland


and a sealed blister pack of the '96 Tutti Greatest Hits


Noticed that the second version of the Colgems inner sleeve corrected
the logo found on the Birds LP.

For a very brief period of time after Colgems created their new logo there was a gap
in the outer "C" but for the Monkees it only appeared on their PVS sleeve.
Odd it would be used on the Birds album artwork but not the Pisces LP.



Davy's What Are We Going To Do? from the Indianapolis pressing plant
(Courtesy of Rikizo Komori)

I've never really tried to figure out the pressing plants for Davy's pre-Monkees singles
but this seems to be from the Indianapolis plant based on the kind of font they used
and a possible "I" in the dead wax, which is always tough to decipher if it is not clearly stamped.



Coming Soon:


It's Christmas Time Once More

Davy's Christmas record on red vinyl

Pre-order here. Projected release is October 2023


Micky Dolenz Sings R.E.M.

From 7A Records....Coming on November 3 with yellow vinyl.


Micky Dolenz Puts You To Sleep

First time on vinyl from Friday Music


The Birds, The Bees
& The Monkees

Also from Friday Music a stand alone mono LP


Pisces Aquarius, Capricorn
& Jones Ltd.

The last SDE 2023?

The gap between the MOTM SDE & HQ SDE was 5 years,
but the HQ set sold out in just a few months.


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