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JULY 11:


Just announced Headquarters double LP on red & blue vinyl.
Pre-order here. To be released on August 16.

The Run Out Groove label (owned by Warner Music) is apparently dead
but Rhino is going to continue the gatefold 2 LP format.

I hope they continue with the tip on jacket style that ROG used on the first 2 LPs

Tip on is an old-style sleeve where the the cover art is not printed directly on the surface
of the cardboard sleeve, but instead is printed on an outer layer of paper.
If you look at the back of a tip-on sleeve you'll see where the front paper folds over at the corners.


Test copy sleeve for the German Daydream Believer/Theme
on the Bell label from 1976
(Courtesy of Ed Reilly)

Test copy

Stock copy


Davy Jones self-released Just For The Record Volume 4 on cassette
has been found and added to his page. This is the 1996 version.
It is unknown if Davy pressed more tapes to match the '99 CD.
(Courtesy of Ed Reilly)



The cassette version of 20 Greatest Hits from Portugal

Found two copies; each with a different shell color
The liner notes are hilarious because there are so many things
they got wrong about them.



Created a new page for these Rhino CDs from Australia

Rhino had a huge reissue program going for the Monkees in the mid 90s
with Canada, Europe & Japan reissuing all 9 studio albums plus other compilations
but for Australia I've only found these three.


Added the recent HEAD release to the Japanese Oldays page


and created a page for the cassette version of the UK release
for The Definitive Monkees



Acquired the first two Arista CDs from Canada and created a new page for them

Nothing really different compared to the US releases,
except the inserts are printed on thicker paper.


JUNE 29:

Hard to find RCA Sampler from January 1969 with the track
Porpoise Song (Theme From "Head")


and Live 1967 from Australia on the AXIS label
(Both courtesy of Ed Reilly)


JUNE 17:

Created new pages for all 5 of the Japanese editions of The Definitive Monkees.
(Photos courtesy of Ed Reilly)


JUNE 15:

Thanks to Stephen Wright for pointing out that there is an "RE" (revised)
on the Instant Replay front jacket, both for South Africa & India.

Both of these jackets used the updated slick with the new headshots
and the red background, but these two also have a reversed headshot of Mike.

So why did RCA reverse Mike's headshot? Unless Mike came to the head of RCA
to say 'hey I now part my hair on the other side', I think the photo better matches
the other photos on front jacket, which are also reversed.

South Africa


India (partially colored in)

The Puerto Rican LP & the US Colgems cassette both have the updated headshots,
but Mike's photo is unaltered.


JUNE 10:

Created a couple new pages for both of these UK CD releases from 2001
(Thanks to Ed Reilly)



Created a new page for this CD club only version from Japan
(Courtesy of Ed Reilly)


and the UK 1997 Telstar releases on CD and cassette



Davy's Incredible! on CD & LP-
(Courtesy of Ben Belmares)


Added the first CD for the Japanese Then & Now
(Courtesy of Akira Suzuki)

Also created a new page combining all three editions



Coming Soon:



Double LP from Rhino
Release date August 16
The Run Out Groove label is apparently out of business but it is using that same format

Andrew, in a podcast (Zilch #188), said this was 'in the works'.
Recently (May 2024) he said it was all done and but he was waiting on Rhino to announce it.


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