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Over the years I've bought a few copies of the CD set The Best Of The Monkees,
but recently I realized that the second CD went through a couple pressings
before they got it right.

Which one do you have?



Recently found this RCA Victor Record club catalog from September 1967

The Casino Royale soundtrack (Colgems) made the cover
and this two page spread with 'teen' music has their first two LPs.




Japanese Bell cassette from 1974, The Monkees



On the heels of that last promo I found this one for the Anthology set from 1998.

It appears Rhino used the gold stamp/UPC punch hole from 1994 through 2003.



Mono Headquarters from the MGM pressing plant

HQ was the last LP that RCA farmed out to meet the overwhelming demand for records.
These are pretty easy to ID with the 1 1/4 inch ring inset on the labels.



Found a promo & BMG club version of The Best Of The Monkees CD from 2003

A slash through the bar code doesn't mean much (because anyone can do that)
but the gold stamp on the booklet makes this a promo for sure. I had thought they
stopped doing these style promos after Missing Links 3 in 1996,
so I'm very surprised to find this one.


BMG club version. Sold without the slipcover but wanting to keep the overall look
of the set the same, they used the guitar logo image for the front of the liner notes.




Found this fantastic RCA catalog from June 1970

Every release on tape up through The Monkees Present.
Since Changes was released in July it just missed the cut.



An updated version of this 2011 reissue CD is now appearing In stores.

This insert is using the original first generation jacket
with the misspelling of "Papa Jean's Blues".

It also has WEA new address on the reverse;
in 2018 they moved from Burbank, CA to Los Angeles.



2 new ones from Ecuador; stock copies to match the promos I already had-

I'm A Believer


A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You


and some new Stereo 8 ads -

There was no ad for Headquarters because the release was delayed two months
to accommodate the redesigned cartridge/case.

Changes & Barrel Full Of Monkees weren't advertised because RCA had stopped
doing these in 1970.



Did some some deep diving into the trade magazines and found these two RCA LP
promo ads for The Monkees Greatest Hits & The Monkees Present.

Everyone has seen the full page ads that ran up through Instant Replay,
but I was shocked to find out that RCA was continuing to promote their releases throughout 1969.
Though without the full page ads, it would seem RCA had largely given up on them.

Still no ads were found for Changes or Barrel Full Of Monkees.



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An advertisement for the Stereo 8 release of Head

Cash Box December 21, 1968

Apparently RCA did one of these pages
each month in 1968. Here is the other one from April 20 for
The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees that Ed Reilly shared with me.



An RCA Stereo 8 variety pack from 1971 featuring "Joanne"


...and here's another find from Jamaica, courtesy of Rikizo Komori

This jacket was printed in the USA with no changes to the copyright info.

Strange the first two LPs haven't shown up yet,
with as popular as those were...



Headquarters from Jamaica

The jacket appears to be printed in Jamaica because it has
a quarter inch lip at the opening & they removed
"Printed in the USA" from the copyright.



Sampling of promotional labels from around the world


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