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Finally found a stereo copy of Headquarters from the MGM pressing plant
with the block "S" symbol



Found a pretty good copy of the 8-track Present

Colgems page for all the paperboard 8-tracks



A PVS sleeve with the original price tag of 94¢

This is a good example of the original retail price for a single.
Usually if it has any price tag at all it is only the discounted sticker, but this one has both.

RCA was one of the industry leaders so whatever they set their prices at others followed

In 1969 RCA raised the price on a single to 98¢



From the UK, the 8 track version of 25 Hits of the Monkees




Acquired a test copy of Micky's Daybreak to go with the other promotional
material on his Romar page



The Monkees won the Run Out Groove popularity poll and it was announced
a couple days ago the 2 LP set was available for pre-order. I was traveling at the time
but thankfully I didn't wait to order one as the yellow vinyl version sold out in 12 hours.

Pre-orders are available until November 9



Peter's solo LP to be reissued on 7A records:

USA pre-orders are now available (October 28).
Release date is December 4 (UK); 11 (USA)



Picked up some Japanese promos:




Sampling of promotional labels from around the world


Upcoming Releases:

Stranger Things Have Happened
December 4 (UK); 11 (USA)


The Monkees
2 LP Special Edition
Release date March 19, 2021

Headquarters SDE
The 3 CD box set series continues
Release date unknown


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