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Removed the dedicated page for the CD singles and just integrated them
into their respective countries. I think that will make them easier to find,
since that is how the site is mostly categorized.



This jacket was used in the recent MOTM box set and after some research
I realized it was the only German club edition LP I didn't have.




For the New Year I've taken the plunge on buying a copy
of "The Birds, The Bees And The Monkees" on 8-track:

I've never really collected them but this copy was too good to pass up.



The "More Of The Monkees" Box Set:

Page for just the bonus single:



An extraordinary find, never before seen cardboard slip cover
for the "Headquarters" 8-track:

As best Ed Reilly and I can tell this was most likely made when Colgems updated
the LPs and singles in late '69, and they may have also reissued
the other four clam shell 8-tracks in the same way.

A Pisces sold about that same time with an RCA cardboard slip-cover
is found on the Colgems 8 track page.

It's also quite likely these were sold through the
RCA Stereo 8 Tape Club, as the tape is exactly the same as the originals
with only the cases being different.

It's really amazing that in 50 years of looking the
larger collecting community did not know these existed.



'Pisces' with a hype sticker:

I've only seen this sticker on 3-4 copies, as most people would obviously
not keep the record in the shrink wrap. But still, I have several copies
of this record sealed that don't have this sticker,
so I don't know if it was a regional thing or what.

As a bonus it was a really nice stereo copy from
the Indianapolis pressing plant, which I didn't have.


Good news! Rhino started shipping out the MOTM Super Deluxe sets yesterday,
maybe someone will actually get it for Christmas!


Just in time for the Holidays I picked up this forgotten gem
from Rhino that they put out in 1988:

It has the 1986 updated version of "Christmas Is My Time Of Year".



Found this one recently, a double A-sided promo from Mexico
featuring Davy's first two singles.

"Rainy Jane/I Really Love You"
Finding any of his solo records from Mexico is pretty hard.



In The Beginning...

When I started collecting Monkee 45s and EPs back in 2006 I spent quite alot of time searching the net to see what was out there. Typically, fan sites will show what records they've found locally, plus a few odds and ends. There was a handful of good sites like this (see links) but thats it.  

Then there are online forums where old collectors will occasionally post photos of what they have found. Hoffman music forums is the best I've seen of this.

The bane of collecting is that once you buy it, it just sits in a closet and you never look at it again. So I made this site so I can look at my collection and share it and the knowledge of what is out there worldwide.

Credit where Credit is due:

Hey most of these photos are mine, but some are from:

Ben Belmares
Ed Reilly
Andrew Sandoval
Lisa Manekofsky
Akira Suzuki
Kevin Schmid
Takao Murakoshi
Peter Cooke

and many others I've met along the way. If I know it's yours, I'll give you credit.

I'm not profiting from this site (free of ads), so if you have any photos of items I'm missing, please share them with me and I'll give you credit.

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