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MAY 12:

Found yet another new label (the tenth) for the Monkees in Thailand;
Top Teen Talent with "I Wanna Be Free" from 1974:


Also found a rather marked-up promo from the Philippines "It's Nice To Be With You".
That song charted at #1 in August 1968 for the Monkees. Davy was really popular there.

I saw this exact same record 5 years ago on eBay but for some reason didn't win it.
Since then I haven't run across any more copies so I didn't let it get away this time.




Recently picked this one up - "Daydream Believer" from Lebanon:


Went to the Dallas record show yesterday and found a few LPs
and singles for sale, but nothing I didn't already have.
It's encouraging to just see some of the dealers offer their records for sale.


Some sealed promotional Rhino LPs from the '80s:

They sliced open the shrink wrap (leaving a small cut in the jacket)
to put the promotional stamp on it. I guess a DJ wouldn't really care.
In years of collecting I've never seen these promo versions before.

The 'Birds' hype sticker has the hearts for pegs around the "S",
so this should be the RE-1 version, but I'm not going to open it to find out!



Updated the UK label Lightning's release of "Head".
Thanks to Ben Belmares for sharing his Monkee Business Fanzine
issues which told all about this first release back in '92!

It looks like they pressed 1500 copies, not 500. That makes sense because over
the years I've noticed that more and more copies have come up for sale.
However the numbered limited edition copies (only 193 made), are still very hard to find.



Beautiful stock copy of this 1969 EP from Brazil. In all my years
of collecting I've only found promo copies of this hard-to-find record.




Updated the 90's Rhino CDs for the original nine studio albums by adding
the gold stamped promotional pressings plus BMG and CRC club versions.

The club versions don't have any different mixes on them so they aren't unique sonically,
but I'd like to at least show what's out there for other collectors.
I was a member of the BMG club back then and got the first 5 CDs that way.


I'm going back and adding in promo copies of every CD I can find.
Many thanks to Ed Reilly for sharing his pictures.

Ed also helped me update the pictures for the
90's Rhino cassette tapes
which are so very hard to find.


Also added pictures of the Columbia House Arista Greatest Hits CD
which does have a unique mix (for that time)
with "A Little Bit Me..." in mono with the hand claps,
whereas the commercial version was in stereo without the hand claps.



In The Beginning...

When I started collecting Monkee 45s and EPs back in 2006 I spent quite alot of time searching the net to see what was out there. Typically, fan sites will show what records they've found locally, plus a few odds and ends. There was a handful of good sites like this (see links) but thats it.  

Then there are online forums where old collectors will occasionally post photos of what they have found. Hoffman music forums is the best I've seen of this.

The bane of collecting is that once you buy it, it just sits in a closet and you never look at it again. So I made this site so I can look at my collection and share it and the knowledge of what is out there worldwide.

Credit where Credit is due:

Hey most of these photos are mine, but some are from:

Ben Belmares
Ed Reilly
Andrew Sandoval
Lisa Manekofsky
Akira Suzuki
Kevin Schmid
Takao Murakoshi
Peter Cooke

and many others I've met along the way. If I know it's yours, I'll give you credit.

I'm not profiting from this site (free of ads), so if you have any photos of items I'm missing, please share them with me and I'll give you credit.

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