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Created a separate page for The First National Band's Quad 8 releases.
After much research last weekend I realized that there are many variations.

Many thanks to Stephen Wright whose discovery of the first Quad 8 tape
lead me to do some digging in archives of Billboard & Cash Box magazine.



New look for the new year. Updated the top banner with two releases from 1970:
the Mexican Changes EP and the Colgems Alpha Bits cereal flexi that I'm sure you all have.

Re-ordered some of the buttons on the left moving the guys to the top and dropping
Advertisements & Sheet Music to the bottom as I really never access those anymore.

I changed the "VHS, DVD & Blu-Ray to "Film, Home Video & Digital Media" to better reflect the
content for all these. I will be adding in some film in the near future
as I've acquired a few of these in the past year.

Added a button for "Nigeria".



"Good Clean Fun" sheet music from Australia -

The USA version is just impossible to find, so I recently picked this one up.

It amazingly has the correct color scheme as every other Australian sheet music
just uses a very cheap looking black and white image for their covers.



Merry Christmas!

Recently found this Japanese Arista cassette from the 80s -

I don't pick up too many foreign cassettes (at least not yet).



This is the fifth Columbia Record Club (CRC) tape that I've been able to
track down for these '90s cassettes.



Added six new press releases documenting their early singles in the UK:

Thanks to Ed Reilly who has the one I was missing for "A Little Bit Me..."



A record found from Nigeria:

Like South Africa & Rhodesia it does not mention
the name of the country on the label.

This closely resembles the early UK labels and shares
the same catalog & matrix numbers, however RCA Victor in the UK
stopped using these black labels in 1968 after "D. W. Washburn".

"BCNN" (on the above label) stands for the "Broadcasting Corporation
of Northern Nigeria" which was created in 1962.

This confirms it is from Nigeria and the history of the British Empire over Nigeria
also explains the similarities in the labels.



Found the correct sleeve for this German RCA EP:

It matches the jukebox strip; since it was never available
at retail it didn't have a picture sleeve.



Completed the pages for Nesmith's new release Cosmic Partners: The McCabe's Tapes:

Thanks to Ben Belmares for sharing his photos!



Upcoming Monkees Releases:

The Mike & Micky Show Live CD
April 3, 2020


Release date unknown
"Headquarters" Super Deluxe; continuing the 3 CD box set series.


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