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From the Netherlands Nez's Magnetic South,
this time limited to 500 copies on clear vinyl:

Thanks to Ben Belmares for graciously sharing his photos!



The big news this week is the release of another
Record Store Day Black Friday exclusive:

RECORD 1: Unwrap You At Christmas (Radio Mix)/
Unwrap You At Christmas (Andy & Holly Partridge vocals)

RECORD 2: Riu Chiu (Original TV Version)/
Christmas Is My Time Of Year (1976 Mix)


Three years ago they released the Monkees guitar logo picture disc on the April RSD
and the Monkees Good Times Plus EP on the Black Friday RSD

Very excited to see Rhino release another 45 single!


Unfortunately with all these releases I am becoming increasingly doubtful
that Rhino will be putting out the HQ SDE this year.



Found another 80s cassette with a sticker on the back using the catalog number from the 90s.
This happened when Rhino had taken ownership of the entire Monkees catalog
and reissued their excess stock of tapes from the 1980s
(which also did not have UPC codes on them).

This is the third tape I have found; HQ along with Pool It:



Tear Drop City from India -

The last one that I was missing from India,
thanks to Ed Reilly for this one!



Continuing with the South American theme this month
I found this new one from Bolivia:

The cardboard sleeve was really dirty but fortunately it had a laminated cover
which allowed me to clean up pretty easily.



From Uruguay:

These are the first 7 inch records I've been able to acquire from Uruguay,
which don't come up for sale very often. (twice over the 10 years).

Unfortunately the seller did not have the picture sleeve for "Valleri"
but they did have this unique CX8 Radio Sarandi sleeve instead.


"Christmas Party" is officially released today (Friday), although some online stores
began shipping them last Monday.

The jacket is a beautiful gatefold cover that has the lyrics inside with
an insert group poster from the TV episode "The Monkees Christmas Show".



Upcoming Monkees Releases:

Christmas Party Plus!
November 29, 2019


Release date unknown
"Headquarters" Super Deluxe; continuing the 3 CD box set series.


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