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Thanks to Geoff Lucas for sharing his images of these Colgems 8-Tracks

The Lewis & Clark Expedition

Getting Straight

Both are still sealed and are incredibly hard to find.
Getting Straight
was released between Changes & Barrel Full Of Monkees.



I'm A Believer from Spain with a promo sticker, with this being their biggest
selling record there, finding a promo copy was surprisingly hard.


New cassettes added to these pages:







Headquarters SDE is back in stock again at



Created new pages for finds from Brazil

and the Philippines, both courtesy of Rikizo Komori.

One LP pressed under at two catalog numbers.
Here in the states they ultimately used 4 different catalog numbers.



Billboard's Soundmaker from 1967, ads and an article.
(Courtesy of Ed Reilly)


Original button & flyer/poster for The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees


Found a real nice copy of the Barrel Full Of Monkees 8-track



Japanese Nesmith single for Nevada Fighter that uses silver ink?
(Courtesy of Rikzio Komori)

The "Not For Sale" box is also in a different position


Normal Black Ink


Also added some new cassettes from Canada, with a few more coming soon


German tape, but sold all over Europe:
(Courtesy of Ed Reilly)

Magic Moments with the Monkees



Picked up this second Japanese pressing of Then & Now....,
finding a copy with the obi is tough

Also got this promo copy of Good Times with the UPC punched
Rhino sent out advance CDR copies that were numbered but with the surprising popularity
of this release more promos were given away later on, this is one of those.



Headquarters SDE appears to be sold out at Perhaps Micky's appearance
on the Tonight Show last night pushed it over the top?
(Courtesy of Sigrid Louisa Thomson)



Expanded Nesmith's UK Awareness page to include the LP, cassette and CD

(LP photos courtesy of Rikizo Komori)



New finds for Nez heads:

From the Armed Forces Network, 5 cuts from Tantamount To Treason, Vol. 1
(Courtesy of Michael Sievers)


Yet another label variation on his second Colpix single
(Courtesy of Rikizo Komori)

Comparison of all three promo labels



Found: the first PACJ tape with the updated artwork from 1995.

All the CRC club editions found so far


Also just found this Changes tape with the new catalog number on the back

All the sealed tapes I've found so far with this UPC Sticker



Some new pages added for Rikizo Komori's Nesmith LPs

Compilation added to the Canadian Pacific Arts/Island page


Wichita & Infinite Rider added to the Netherlands Killroy page


RCA promo for the Japanese 1979 reissued Loose Salute

LS was also reissued in 1981 along with Nevada Fighter,
but I think LS was his most popular album in Japan.


Created a new page for these two cassettes from Saudi Arabia
(Pictures courtesy of Ed Reilly)

These are unofficial & pirated, both probably from tapes made in the UK.
I'm guessing that these were sold to US personal in military bases.




Found an updated Oliver reel to reel jacket with a hype sticker on the cover
after it won best picture in April 1969.


A flexi from Poland with the correct A-B sides
I'm A Believer/(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone


Another promo punched cassette from 1987; Missing Links.
Second photo is both tapes I've found so far, could there be others?


Created a new page for Michael's work released in Canada on the Attic Label

Thanks to Sigrid Louisa Thomsen for sharing her photos!



Coming Soon:

Pretty Much Your Standard
Ranch Stash 
(50th Anniv. Edition)

7A Records continues Nesmith's RCA reissues with his last one
For release on April 7, 2023



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