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Blu-ray series is now back in stock at the Monkees store.




Recieved my HQ SDE boxset and updated the page with the full scans



Updated with complete photos for the Black Friday RSD MOTM release:
(Photos courtesy of Ben Belmares)



Expanded the foreign cassettes pages for Arista Canada & Germany:

Two new ones (for me) that I got when I bought out someone's collection.
Hopefully adding more foriegn CDs and cassettes in the future.




Added the full pictures for the recent Peter Tork EP/CD This Stuff Never Gets Old
(Courtesy of Ben Belmares)

The CD case is the slimline variety and there is only one small page of liner notes.
I guess 7A did this to facilitate a quick release.




Fantastic early RCA cassette ad from Cash Box Magazine with The Monkees & Instant Replay.
Photo courtesy of Ed Reilly)


Also added this latest hits CD from Japan The Best & Greatest Hits



Early Arista's Greatest Hits tape (RCA Club version) with paper labels


Reader Jesus Galeote shared with me a photo of Spain's Headquarters LP with a promo sticker



Less than half of the HQ SDE are left; now down to about 1500 copies (per Andrew on Instagram).



According to Andrew on FB, almost half of the 4000 copies sold within 24 hours.
That would be extraordinary. With the past SDEs selling for hundreds of dollars on eBay,
dealers might be snatching these up for later resale opportunities.

Even if Rhino announces it is sold out, I bet they hold back a hundred copies or so
for Micky's tour next April. And unless they are numbered copies,
they could always press more for the tour because who would know?

Created a new page for this set:
(Photos courtesy of Andrew Sandoval)


Reader Richard Addyman found this really cool Pisces promo from Brazil

On the rear jacket one of the songs had the wrong title and was blacked out.
No idea what that song was!



Announced just a few hours ago, the HQ SDE has finally arrived.

Now a 4 CD set + the bonus single, I think this will be well worth it!



Davy's Manchester Boy - Personal File, CD & LP photos added to the site
(Courtesy of Ben Belmares)



A couple of new finds: Nez promos from Germany

The Nevada Fighter promo shows up from time to time, but these two have never been
confirmed to exist as they aren't on Discogs or 45cat.


Found a nice copy of their first LP from Venezuela

A somewhat unique back cover.


Double cassette case with Australia's Monkeemania

This was the Arista/Festival Records reissue from 1982



The recent UK reissue of the Summer Live! Tour

Thanks to Ben Belmares for these photos!



New ones for October

Promo Oh My My from Argentina


Valleri from Jamaica


Another copy with of the '69 repressing from the UK,
this time with an original inner sleeve


MFP from Germany circa 1972-76; a licensed copy of Bell's Re-Focus LP.


Sampling of promotional labels from around the world


Upcoming Releases:

Pisces SDE: 2023?


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