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MAY 19:

Reader Louisa Thomsen found a Japanese Arista IR with a color varaition on the obi.
Hers is all pink, whereas mine is in white, for the name of the band (in Katana).

The all pink obi matches the promo.


MAY 18:

Added more Nesmith CDs from the UK
(Courtesy of Ed Reilly)


LPs & CDs from Germany
(Courtesy of Michael Sievers & Ed Reilly)


and a CD from Belgium


MAY 12:

2 new tape finds from Saudi Arabia on the IMD label
(Courtesy of Ed Reilly)


A couple NEZ promo CDs

Exile Records Australia


Edsel UK


MAY 5:

Added these solo releases that were missing from Micky's USA page
(thanks to Ed Reilly for most of these pictures)


MAY 4:

Canadian Teen from Sayvette department store May 1967
(Courtesy of Louisa Thomsen)


An open copy of the Playtape for Michael's Wichita Train Whistle Sings
added to the Dot Records tape page



Found a great copy of this advance promo from the UK

Pleasant Valley Sunday/Words

Another RCA promo sampler added to the site, this time
from December 1968 with Oliver! & Interlude. Head should have been here as well;
perhaps it was promoted on the January '69 sampler.



Added the Record Store Day release on Friday Records
(Courtesy of Ben Belmares)

According to 2000 copies were pressed.

This was pressed at RTI, so this is not the same pressing
as the one found in the Mono Box Set.



Now available: Davy's new single

Hangin' By A Thread/
Don't Go



New picture sleeve from Iran found for the Golden Record label

The second record was known to exist, but the gatefold sleeve and even the fact
that it is a double EP is completely new


Some new tapes

Germany Greatest Hits with paper labels


and an odd one from MFP in the UK that has a wrap-around paperboard cover



The Monkees debut at #45 on the Canadian Chum Charts:
(Courtesy of Ed Reilly)


Digital single from the forthcoming Incredible! CD reissue
This pair of songs is available as of April 19.


Created new pages for these BBC Radioplay promo only LPs & CD


The CD version is not on Discogs and was previously unknown



Coming Soon:

Davy Jones: Incredible!

May 17 (24th in the US) on CD & a gatefold LP on blue vinyl



Double LP on the Run Out Groove label (sometime 2024?)
Andrew, in a recent podcast (Zilch #188), said this was 'in the works'


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