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Mama Rocker from Japan with a ¥500 Sticker
(Courtesy of Michael Sievers)

This was released in early '72, however by that summer
RCA raised the price of singles to ¥500.
So this was suspected to exist but had not been found until now.


Their first LP from Argentina with an original RCA inner sleeve

There may be a stereo version of this one as well,
since it does exist for their second album.



Found some variations on the Birds & Bees Colgems labels

One record with both sides using the older labels


This one is missing the word "Stereo"


Some Nesmith press photos from Canada on the Attic label
(Courtesy of Louisa Thomsen)



Added to Micky's Friday Music page
(Courtesy of Ben Belmares)

The blue vinyl Micky Dolenz Puts You To Sleep with a gatefold jacket
(Limited to 1500)


And added to the Friday Music page for The Monkees
(also courtesy of the ultra fast scanner Ben Belmares)

The mono version of their first LP on splash vinyl (Limited 2000)



A new page created for this hard to find Greatest Hits from Taiwan on the Kong Mei label
(Courtesy of Rikizo Komori)

Released in July 1976; that is a quick turnaround for this pirated label
as this was just released in June here in the USA.




Advance Bell single from the UK complete with unique promo card



Dolenz Sings R.E.M.

The yellow vinyl EP (Courtesy of Ben Belmares)

and the CD



The Japanese Blue Angels with the obi. Nesmith sings the track The World Is Golden Too
(Courtesy of Ed Reilly)


Updated the Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart Concert In Japan (cassette) page
with scans of the two inserts. The inserts have liner notes in Japanese with English lyrics
(Courtesy of Ed Reilly)


A promo copy of Micky's Japanese solo release (of Monkees songs he sang lead on)
(Courtesy of Derek Miner)

This is from circa 1982 and it is surprisingly hard to find this promo!




Released today from 7A Records....yellow vinyl EP with a gatefold cover.




A new find from Canada: The Monkees Greatest Hits 4AM-65010
(Courtesy of Louisa Thomsen)

This catalog number is unknown and not on Discogs.




Press releases from the Netherlands, even though they didn't actually
press any records there, at that time they were imported from Germany.



Picked up a nice copy of Nez's Tantamount on 8 track

Now if I could only find his last two: Hits Just Keep On Comin' & Ranch Stash.



Two new ones for Michael Nesmith
(Courtesy of Ed Reilly)

From Brazil

and a promo from Spain



Added to the site the Rocktober version of The Monkees Greatest Hits
(Courtesy of Ed Reilly)

Hype Sticker Comparison for all three pressings



Newly discovered stock copy for Davy's MGM Rubberene!
(Courtesy of Stephen Wright)

Too bad the unreleased Tears On My Pillow, wasn't the B-side


Updated the pages for the 2 Friday Music Black Friday RSD (11.24.23) exclusives:

The Monkees is in mono with a gatefold cover....probably from the recent Run Out Groove release.
Friday had earlier teased about a possible stand-alone mono Birds release; maybe Rhino wants to do something with that one instead.

Micky's is a first time on vinyl release also with a gatefold cover.


Found a complete rear box for the Alpha bits cereal record;
this one has Last Train To Clarksville on it


Found a sealed Greatest Hits 8 Track (RCA Music club) with an Arista Sleeve



Coming Soon:

I'm Told I Had A Good Time

Andrew Sandoval's Beatland Books next project: The Micky Dolenz archives, Volume 1

Order Here (Release date 12.6.23)


It's Christmas Time Once More

Davy's Christmas record on red vinyl

Pre-order here. Release delayed until December 2023



Double LP on the Run Out Groove label (sometime 2024?)
Andrew, in a recent podcast (Zilch #188), said this was 'in the works'


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