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Thanks to reader Jesus Galeote we now know the chart positions for their hit singles
in Spain via this book: Sólo éxitos, 1959-2012 by Fernando Salaverri Aranegui.



Found another set of cassette tapes from Arista with catalog prefixes (AC5)
that I've never run across before:

AC5-8061 & AC5-8063.

I figure these were manufactured in the latter '80s since the numbers are so close together.


Thanks to Stephen Wright for sharing his photos of this new find for "Silver Moon"
for from El Salvador:

Created a new page for El Salvador; hopefully will see more records from there.



Here is the latest version of Nez's "Cosmic Partners" LP on "Electric Blue" vinyl.
Really it looks teal to me, but that's marketing for you -

Thanks to Ben Belmares for these photos!



Good Times! Promo CD:

Took me about 4 years to find a copy for sale.
I'm guessing Rhino didn't make too many of these available for journalists.



For the last few years I had this sleeve under the German section but reader
Manfred Schmidt recently informed me that it was in color and actually
issued in Austria. The record found inside the sleeve was just the German single.

This is such a great looking picture it is hard to believe that no one else every used it.

Added a new button on the left for Austria and also included
this 3" CD EP that was manufactured there.


Recently found out why RCA issued two sleeves for Nesmith's "Silver Moon" in Germany.
Reader Manfred Schmidt told me there was a German artist "Randolf Rose"
who covered Silver Moon as "Silver Moon Baby". His single did very well
on the charts getting to #5 in April '71.

RCA then capitalized on that single by reissuing Nez's version with an updated
picture sleeve that said "The Original".




Yet another stock version of this Arista 8-track, this time in a black cartridge:



Found this Arista 8-track in an orange cartridge for their "Greatest Hits".
Previously I've only seen the CRC or RCA club versions for this tape.



Andrew posted a promotional photo on FB today for the upcoming Live CD -

and on May 15 there will be a two LP set for this one as well.



Upgraded my personal copy of "Porpoise Song/Circle Sky" from Greece:


Added a page for the Monkees on 16mm & 35mm film:


Found a sealed copy of their first reel-to-reel and updated that page
with an advertisement for this initial release plus an excerpt of the
1968 RCA catalog with the Monkees on it.


February 20 Update: After many hours I was finally able to track down this advertisement.
It's from the November '67 issue of "High Fidelity" magazine. So bumping the release date
till then. No idea when the second reel (Pisces & HQ) was released also with a '67 copyright.



Two new ones from Venezuela:

Mostly I bought these for the Greatest Hits LP, because this was not on Discogs
or any where else on the net. I was curious what the catalog number was for it;
as it's missing from the front cover.

Venezuela has the first 5 LPs in mono/stereo and used the same mixes as found
in the USA so they are really nice to collect (if you can find them).



Upcoming Releases:

The Mike & Micky Show

April 3 for the CD
May 15 for the 2 LP set


Micky Dolenz "Live In Japan"
May 8, UK
May 15, USA


Release date unknown
"Headquarters" Super Deluxe; continuing the 3 CD box set series.


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