rhino Cassettes
Pool It!

Rhino Ad

Released on August 19, 1987
Highest Chart Position: 72

RNIC 70706



Clear Blue


Solid Color

The last one in the solid color was found
with a blank reverse J-card. It could be a bootleg or an
unknown record club version.


Test Copy

Song were in a different order.


Reissued on October 2, 1995

R4 72154
UPC Sticker

In 1995 Rhino re-released "Pool It!" on CD with updated photos and liner notes.

However the cassette was not updated with the new artwork, instead
Rhino took their unsold stock from the 80s and put a new UPC sticker with the
updated catalog number on it

Once this tape was out of the wrapper there would be no way
to distinguish it from the original 80s releases.