Colgems LP Slicks

These are the actual album covers in its unused, pristine state,
before it was pasted onto the cardboard LP jacket.

The first 5 Monkees LPs were pressed in stereo and mono, however
all slicks were printed exactly the same. If for example, the vinyl was a mono pressing,
the words "STEREO" on the front cover slick would be folded over the back
of the LP and covered by the rear slick.

It's nice to be able to see the full artwork for the 'Pisces' and 'Birds' jacket covers.

These are so rare it is next to impossible to build a complete set
of all 12 Monkees Colgems covers, as most were discarded.

Except for the 'Pisces' slick, these all came from a source
who worked for RCA in New York, via collector John Villanova.
Thanks John!


Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn
& Jones Ltd.


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The Birds, The Bees
& The Monkees



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