USA Colgems Albums
Barrel Full Of Monkees


Released In January 1971
Highest Chart Position:
Billboard: 207


LP Review


Barrel Full Of Monkees, while being a Colgems release, was really part of a budget
RCA 2-LP series called the "This Is...". Artists such as Chet Atkins, Sam Cooke,
and Ed Ames had discs in the series and the RCA LP's carried a VPS prefix and listed
for $5.98 which was the list price for "full line" single LP's at the time. The Monkees'
double set also listed for $5.98 and carried a then new "SCOS" prefix and new numbering
series "1001" making it unrelated to any other previous Colgems issue or pricing series.

- empirelvr (Hoffman Music Forums)



Gate-Fold Cover



Hollywood Pressing Plant

Screen-Gems Label


Indianapolis Pressing Plant

Colgems Circle Label


Rockaway Pressing Plant

Colgems Circle Label


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