Friday Music 5 LP Box Set
The Monkees In Mono

Released on October 7, 2014


This is a box set in name only, as there is no liner notes, lyrics
or any kind of information about these mono LPs.

The corresponding picture sleeves are a nice touch.
The "Last Train To Clarksville" is the first one in color that was
hyping the first LP on the bottom strip, and it is interesting that they
used the hard to find color version of the German
picture sleeve for "Alternate Title".

The first LP has the second jacket version with the corrected spelling of "Papa Gene's Blues"
yet the 3rd LP has the first version with the incorrect caption
(often called the 'Producers Cover') which has Dick Bogart
seated next to Chip Douglas incorrectly captioned as Hank Cicolo.
The corrected 'Beards Cover' version would have been nice to see.



Dead Wax:
Side 1: "Thank You Monkees"
Side 2: "For Davy Jones"



Dead Wax:
Side 1: "For Micky"
Side 2: "I'm A Believer"



Dead Wax:
Side 1: "For Michael"
Side 2: "Joe's Favorite"



Dead Wax:
Side 1: "For Mr. Tork"
Side 2: "Adopt A Greyhound Today"



Dead Wax:
Side 1: "Thanks To The Monkees"
Side 2: "In Memory Of Davy Jones"