USA Rhino Albums
Classic Album Collection

Released on April 16, 2016
R1 552706
3000 copies

A Record Store Day exclusive

Like the CD set, this is a box set in name only with no liner notes or booklet.

This was a rush release using a variety of master tapes (some good, some bad)
and only the hype sticker mentions anything about these LPs being "remastered".

The "Instant Replay" LP is missing the track "The Girl I Left Behind Me".
There were many who complained, and Rhino announced they would
make available a free replacement disc for all those who contacted them.
It was mailed out a few months later in August.

The updated record has an "RE1" in the dead wax.

New reports (March 2019) indicate Rhino took all the unsold stock
for this set and removed the "Record Store Day" hype sticker
and replaced the bad disc with the corrected one.

Rhino sold a black vinyl version of this set for the European market that
has the same packaging and included codes to download the MP3 versions.
Because the missing song was available for download,
it looks like Rhino chose not to offer a replacement disc for that set.

European Edition






R1 552706
Black Vinyl Test Pressing

According to the jackets and labels these were
pressed November 25 & December 3-5, 2015.

The individual albums are identified with the letters A/B, C/D etc.
but the first two record labels are switched.

The above stock copies used numbers (1-10) to individuate each record,
but if you check the dead wax you'll find the letters (A-T).

Just like the stock copy, "The Girl I Left Behind Me"
is missing from "Instant Replay".


FYE Exclusive

Released on May 27, 2016
Translucent Blue Vinyl
R1 552706-1

The first LP from the above set
except with blue vinyl.