The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees
Rhino Handmade Box Set

The box set is dated 2009, but was delayed until 2010.
Pre-orders began on January 25 and the official release date was February 8;
it was completely sold out by February 2011.

The bonus single was only available for the first 1000 orders. In addition,
the first 500 customers could also receive one of three vintage posters
for an extra $5 to cover shipping costs. These posters were from
Stroblight Productions (Gary Strobl) and from the 80s.

The single was shipped separately in a flat mailer and arrived about
the same time as the box set. Since they are all sold out, if you buy a
sealed box set it should be known that this single is NOT inside.

This box set was not limited or numbered,
but reportedly they produced 6000 copies for sale.

February 8, 2010
RHM2 522248



Bonus Single:

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Vintage Posters


RHM2 522248
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