Blu Ray
The Complete Series

July 8, 2016

The original release date was January 29, then pushed back to April 29,
then June 27 and finally released on July 8

Some people reported that the inner packaging was damaged
and/or the lenticular cover was detached (mine was). Rhino offered to replace damaged cases
and mailed out replacement boxes in the Fall of 2016. Rhino then went back and replaced the inner
packaging with a redesigned configuration better designed to hold the DVDs in place.

The booklet has a brief introduction to each episode,
however there are no liner notes. The set features exclusive packaging
and a 7 inch record with two previously unreleased TV mixes.

My set is 8200/10,000.
Check the back of the booklet for your number.


This initially appeared to be sold out. (as of March 15, 2019)

However on December 11, 2019 Rhino sent an email out saying these were back in stock
and available for sale. But the website did not allow you to add the item to your cart,
so you couldn't purchase it. I wrote Rhino about this and they never wrote me back.

Later Andrew confirmed that these were in fact NOT sold out.
Rhino only sold through the assembled box sets and it was a money/labor issue
why the others were not put together and offered for sale.

Now on April 22, 2020 Andrew had this to say on eBay:

"Only a few thousand of these sets were released to the public via Rhino mail order
and on tour. People always ask me when they will be available again
and I will tell you the absolute truth: I do not know and I am kinda doubting
with the world in lockdown it will happen at all. I have asked Rhino and they say they
can no longer find the unassembled parts for these."



Blu Rays:


Bonus Single:

More info on this single here


On November 18, 2017 Andrew had this to say on the Hoffman Music Forums:

"I will address a couple of Blu-Ray issues now that some time has passed:

 1) The Jerry Lee Lewis part [From the 33 1/3 TV Special] was excised because the publishing of the song was in dispute between two parties (neither of them Sony or Rhino). I suggested that Rhino put the money is escrow until the dispute between these parties was resolved, but they countered that they were opening themselves up to a lawsuit - which is true. They said either take the TV special off the box, or edit out the few seconds of that song. When I explained that the special was essential and so was this was a legal issue that I had no control over.

 2) Rhino had good intentions about including the repeat songs in the set, but they assumed they could just dub in the tracks from the stereo album masters. When I explained that the mixes and edits were unique, and we could only do this if the material was found through Sony, we went back to Sony and there was no willingness on their part to allow us to review every source they had to find these or if they even still had them. FYI - the rerun versions are not labelled, which is why they randomly showed up in syndication and on the Japanese laser disc. Frankly, Sony only had one obligation: that was to deliver to Rhino the 58 shows with original music selections. Sony owns the rights to syndicate the shows and with such a small number of episodes, their chances of making back the money of their restoration are slim. Each show cost about $5000 to transfer and that was before clearances of the songs.

 Every additional song from the reruns required a new publishing clearance, and that was something that Rhino did not understand from the outset. We had many calls and discussions about this - the more I drilled down into the details of the 1969/70 reruns with the people at Rhino & Sony......Sony didn't have the hours to deal with these requests, they were on a deadline to deliver the HD versions of the show. Rhino's business and publishing people had no idea from the outset what the myriad of variations were in this property - this was one of dozens of projects they had to clear and they had to chose their battles.

 They did generously allow me to transfer my personal 35mm's of the rerun songs and Ed Reilly also loaned me all of his 16mm film reels - neither of us were paid to do this. We did this to preserve what we could of the show. I also purchased other film outtakes and donated them to the project - I was happy to see these legitimately and professionally presented. That was payment enough.

 3) The packaging: I had no involvement in the design or concept of the packaging. My main goal was getting Sony & Rhino to agree to the investment on restoring the show which was about $250k - that took several years. I know for $200 you expected more, Rhino owed you fixed boxes, I hope everyone got them."