Film gauges range from 8mm to 70mm, but for the purpose of the Monkees,
16mm is the most common though some of the larger markets used 35mm.


16mm film was introduced in 1923 for use by amateurs as a low cost alternative to 35mm.
It was mostly used for educational or maybe low-budget movies.

In the age of television, this became the medium of choice
for distributing television shows & movies to affiliates for broadcast.
Consequently, this is the most common version found for collecting.


#10 "Here Come The Monkees"
November 14, 1966

This 16mm print was the personal copy of the director
of the pilot episode, Mike Elliot.

However this film is not the actual pilot; this is the broadcast version.
The pilot had different opening & closing scenes
and the songs were sung by Boyce & Hart.

Upon Elliot's death it was sold on ebay by his nephew.



For movies, 35MM prints were the most commonly used
until digital projectors became the standard within the last few years.
Today it is more of a niche market for collectors.

These three episode are from the ABC rerun series
that aired from September 9, 1972 through August 25, 1973
at 1PM Eastern & Pacific.


#13 "One Man Shy"
ABC rerun date: May 26, 1973

According to TV Guide, this was shown twice on ABC (10-14-72 & 5-26-73),
however based on the date written on the film leader
this print would have aired in May.

For the CBS rerun prints, the song "I'm A Believer" was replaced
with "If I Knew". It's possible this ABC print has that latter song.


#51 "The Monkees Paw"
ABC Rerun Date: ?

It looks like the air date was to have been April 7.
However, The Monkees TV Vault says that time slot was
preempted by American Bandstand. So this airdate is unknown;
it's possible they never actually aired it.


#52 "The Devil & Peter Tork"
ABC Rerun Date: March 3, 1973

For the CBS rerun prints, the song "Salesman" was replaced
with "I Never Thought It Peculiar". It's possible this ABC print has that latter song.