Davy Jones
Rainy Jane/
Welcome to my love

Chart positions from Joel Whitburn Presents
The Comparison Book 1954-1982, Billboard.com,
Cash Box & Record World.

Bell 45-111

Released in May 1971
Highest Chart Position:
Billboard Hot 100: 52
Billboard AC: 26
Cash Box: 32
Record World: 31
Record World MOR: 18


Cash Box Ad & Review


Hitmakers Trading Card

Hitmakers was created by DJ Bo Donovan and
sold in 18 card packs for 98¢ in 1972-73.
Davy appeared on card #18.


Promo Letter, Date Stamp & Jukebox Strip


Columbia Records Pressing Plant
Pitman NJ

Dead Wax: 9985/9986


Alternate Label


Monarch Pressing Plant

Double Sided
Mono Promo Δ84980

Dead Wax: 9985


Double Sided
Stereo Promo Δ85537

Dead Wax: 9985-S-RE1