Davy Jones
"My Favorite Monkee"



Type 1

"Promotion Copy"
On Both Sides Of Label


Type 2

"Promotion Copy"
On Left Side Only

Matrix #: R-908 & R-909

"The R prefix identifies a pressing manufactured by Rainbo Records.
R-908 places the release time frame in March, 1967."
-Sundry1 at 45cat.com


Andrew writes in the liner notes for the 1996 Missing Links Volume 3:

"The original Jeff Barry-produced version of "She Hangs Out"
was featured on a custom-pressed promotional single distributed
by Don Kirshner in late February 1967."

(Kirshner was fired on February 27, 1967)


Mentions contest:
"Why Davy Jones Is Your Favorite Monkee"

Billboard June 3, 1967


More details here,
Check out the last paragraph for contest details :

Billboard July 8, 1967


However, in November 2010 Andrew Sandoval writes:

"I do have in my collection a copy of the "My Favorite Monkee" 45
(and I have seen a few other copies of this single over the years).
It does match the withdrawn Colgems 1003.
However, whether it was pressed by Kirshner
or by the principles of Davy's label is not confirmed.

Why they would press up a withdrawn Colgems
master is a true mystery (if this is the case).

They matrix numbers match no Colgems Master numbers that I know of,
but they do match the sequence of Davy Jones Presents 45's that I have.
So, maybe it was just part of their contest."

Matrix numbers for my "Davy Jones Presents" records:

Record 661:
Record 6662:
Record 664:


So this oddity exists: Monkee songs from the Colgems label being pressed onto a
Davy Jones Presents record for a contest promoting his label.

Big Question: I wonder if Colgems knew of this?

Since it was only a promo, there would be no royalties to be paid.
But still, this might have been some kind of under the
table agreement between Kirshner and Davy.