Michael Nesmith
DOT Singles


Released in July 1968
Highest Chart Position: --


Don't Cry Now/
Tapioca Tundra


Dot Sleeve



Michael Nesmith

Go Magazine


Bill Chadwick

Bill was the original road manager for The Monkees
and was a finalist in the selection process to become a Monkee
but he looked and sounded too much like Micky.

Davy co-wrote and recorded "If You Have The Time" but it remained unreleased
until Rhino's Missing Links Volume 1 in 1987.

Bill played guitar on numerous Monkee tracks and wrote "French Song"
and co-wrote with his brother John, "Zor And Zam".


Released in December 1969
Highest Chart Position: --


Talking To The Wall/
If You Have The Time



The catalog number for this record predates the below Corvettes tunes,
and Andrew says it was still being mixed down as of November 13, 1969,
so presumably this record was delayed.



The Corvettes featured Chris Darrow, Jeff Hanna & Bernie Leadon all on guitars
with John Ware on drums and John London on bass.

A few years later Nez hooked up with Ware, London and
Orville "Red" Rhodes to became the First National Band.

When both singles failed to chart they found another gig: the backing band for Linda Ronstadt,
who found her success two years earlier covering Nesmith's "Different Drum".

In the April 12, 2010 issue of Goldmine Chris Darrow (front man for the Corvettes) had this to say:

G: With The Corvettes, you released two singles produced by Mike Nesmith. What was he like to work with?

CD: Mike is a very multi-talented guy. His ability to see things that most people don’t is a rare and endearing quality. He understood The Corvettes and what our purpose was at the time, and he brought the best out of us. Unfortunately, we might have been a little too early in the game, or maybe we were on a label that couldn’t sell our type of music.
Either way, Michael did a great job, and it was at his suggestion that Linda Ronstadt come by to consider us for her band. At that time we were in desperate need of a job, as both our singles had failed and three of us were married. Suddenly we were working and out on the road.


Released in May 1969
Highest Chart Position: --


Back Home Girl/
The Lion In Your Heart


Released in July 1969
Highest Chart Position: --


Beware Of Time/
Level With Your Senses