Michael Nesmith
& the first national band
RCA Quad 8

RCA initially released 68 Quad 8 titles between October and December 1970
and Nez's two releases were a part of it.

Article mentions pricing and a
picture of the original tape/labels.


Original ad with the LP cover art
on the "Quad 8" paperboard sleeves.

The RCA company had to change the name of their
quad tapes from “Quad 8” to “Q8” in the middle of 1971
after the Quad CO. of England claimed trademark infringement.

"Q8" Sleeve

For both of these releases there should be a "Quad 8" sleeve & tape,
a "Q8" sleeve & tape and finally the commonly found generic
RCA "Q8" sleeve & tape with the full LP artwork.


Magnetic South

Released in November 1970
(Billboard 11.28.70)


First tape version with the track "First National Rag" listed.
Unfortunately the song is not on the tape and subsequent pressings
removed the track title from the label.

(Thanks to Stephen Wright for these pictures & information)


Later pressing (1972?)

Also released on vinyl in Japan.


Loose Salute

Released in December 1970
Highest Chart Position: 159