Colgems Cassettes

RCA first released pre-recorded cassettes for sale in July 1969
and these first two were from that initial batch.

They went on to issue each new release as they came out but never went back
to re-issue anything beyond the "The Monkees"; a real shame because
that was some of their best work. I suspect these didn't sell very well.

The numbering system jumps from 1001 to 1009,
so originally all their LPs must have been designated for release
(along with other Colgems titles), but it never happened.

The back of the J-card was blank except for the RCA Warranty.

The original cases had a sticker on the top edge so they could be
displayed that way, as seen on the photo below.

Many thanks to Ed Reilly for sharing his photos!

The Monkees

Released in July 1969



Instant Replay

Released in July 1969


They used the alternate cover for this cassette, compared to the USA LP.
This version was also used as the jacket in Puerto Rico,
and later when Rhino reissued this on CD in 1995.


1969 RCA Catalog featuring
these first two releases.


The Monkees Greatest Hits

Released in 1969



The Monkees Present

Released in 1969



RCA Ad from December 1969
with these last two tapes.

I believe this is the only ad that features these LPs
as Colgems stopped plugging them after "Instant Replay".



Released in 1970