Rhino Cassettes
1994-97 Reissues

In 1994 Rhino began to release the studio LPs on CD and cassette with
updated photos and liner notes. The CDs are commonly found today,
but the cassettes (which didn't have the bonus songs) are rather difficult to find.

However before they released the cassettes with updated artwork
Rhino took their unsold stock from the 80s and put new UPC stickers with the
updated catalog number on them. Once this tape
was out of the wrapper there would be no way
to distinguish it from the original 80s releases.

In addition, it would appear that the "Pisces" and "Changes"
cassettes were never issued with any updated artwork.

I think these are the club editions:

CRC: The Monkees, Headquarters, Birds/Bees,
Head, Instant Replay & Present

BMG: The Monkees, Headquarters & Birds/Bees

I believe no club editions were created for MOTM
since it wasn't released until 1997.


Wave 1
September 20, 1994

August 12, 1994
Press Release



Wave 2
November 15, 1994

October 28, 1994
Press Release



Wave 3
January 24, 1995

January 6, 1995
Press Release