USA Colgems Singles

I'm A Believer/
(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone


Released In November 1966
Highest Chart Position:
Billboard: 1/20
Cash Box: 1/25
Record World: 1/42

Both sides charted in the top 100 on US Billboard,
so this is considered a double A-sided single.

RIAA Certification:
Gold: November 1966


December 3, 1966
Cash Box Ad


Sheet Music


Picture Sleeves:

West Coast 1

Thumb tab on the B-side.


West Coast 2

Thumb tab on the A-side.


Stamped "Radio Station Use"


What is West Coast?


Monkee News Vol. II
Issued With 2nd Single To Radio Stations
November 1966



Columbia/Screen Gems labels

hollywood pressing plant


indianapolis pressing plant

Rockaway Pressing Plant


Colgems Circle Label

indianapolis pressing plant



This record was obviously used at some radio station. What I found odd was that
someone stamped it "Radio Station Use", when most stations simply stamp
the date it arrived. So maybe someone at Colgems put that stamp on there.
Anyway, I've never seen a record with this stamped on it before.


Here is another one, a "Sample Record".
Like the one above this may have been stamped by Colgems.

From the collection of Derek Miner.