USA Colgems Singles

A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You/
She Hangs Out


Created In February 1967


New Music Express (UK)

Announing the new single on February 25, 1967.


Picture Sleeve:

This is the ultra-rare unissued American sleeve, one of which appears
to be owned by Joel Whitburn.

From Andrew Sandoval's book

"The Monkees: The Day-by-Day Story of the 60's TV Pop Sensation"

on page 92 he states on 2/10/67:

"Without the group's knowledge he [Kirshner] uses their absence to press ahead
with plans for the single. He will have picture sleeves printed for the U.S. release
with the titles 'A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You' and 'She Hangs Out'
and will deliver masters of these songs to RCA in Canada,
who zealously press product immediately."

and later on page 111:

"Further cited is Kirshner's refusal to release 'The Girl I Knew Somewhere',
which led to, among other things, a $25,000 printing cost for unusable picture sleeves
that featured the title of the Kirshner-selected song 'She Hangs Out'.

A pic of what the intended picture sleeve might have looked like is found here in this ad.