USA Colgems Singles

Tapioca Tundra


Released In February 1968
Highest Chart Position:
Billboard: 3/34
Cash Box: 1/47
Record World: 1/38

Both sides charted in the top 100 on US Billboard,
so this is considered a double A-sided single.

RIAA Certification:
Gold: February 1968


Valleri #1
March 30, 1968

Cash Box measured how well
records did in jukeboxes.


March 9, 1968
Billboard Ad


Sheet Music



This is how they were shipped to the stores...1 case = 4 boxes of 25 each.
(Pics from Michael Sievers)


Company Sleeves:

Type 1

Valleri was issued in the Type 1 company sleeve.


Type 2

Type 2, found with the thumb tab,
is shown for reference and is typically harder to find.



Columbia/Screen Gems labels

'Borders', mentioned below, were the thin black lines
that go around the white spaces of the labels, top and bottom.

When they removed this border they also took away the trademark under the red "Colgems".

The first 4 singles had this 'border' and trademark; the the last 5 don't.
But what's interesting is that Daydream Believer, Valleri & D. W. Washburn
can be found pressed with either version of this label.


hollywood pressing plant



No Borders


indianapolis pressing plant

No Borders


rockaway pressing plant

No Borders


Colgems Circle Label

indianapolis pressing plant

Type 1 (Time In Red)


Type 2 (Time In White)


No promotional records


Jukebox Sheet