USA Colgems Singles

Someday Man/
Listen To The Band


Released On April 15, 1969
Highest Chart Position:
Billboard: 81/63
Cash Box: 80/57
Record World: 74/60

Both sides charted in the top 100 on US Billboard,
so this is considered a double A-sided single.

April 26, 1969
Billboard Ad


Sheet Music


Picture Sleeves:

Type 1


Type 2


Type 3

All the sleeves are the straight-cut type
with no thumb tabs.


All Known Picture Sleeve Variations

Someday Man, the original A-side was heavily promoted in trade ads
and was designated as the 'plug side' on the promo single. (Type 1)

However, DJs began to recognize the superiority of the B-side,
and this justified Colgems making an updated picture sleeve (Type 2)
with "Listen To The Band" above "Someday Man".

However, at some point in time, Type 3 was created,
with the flipped titles on each side. This is the only copy I've seen.
The LTTB song title is shorter in length, compared to Type 2.

The black bar with the credits at the bottom is the B-side.



Matrix Codes: WZKS - 5399/ 5398

RCA Pressing Plant
Hollywood, CA

Type 3 Label

RCA Pressing Plant
Indianapolis, IN

Type 3 Label


Type 4 Label

RCA pressing plant
Rockaway, NJ

Type 3 Label


Label Types Explained



RCA Pressing Plant
Hollywood, CA


RCA Pressing Plant
Indianapolis, IN


Error Labels

Off-Center Label


Black ink
double stamped


Off-Center cut/
Blank B-Side


Off center cut at
the printing press


Error Sleeve