Colgems Singles
Font Types

Erbar Bold Condensed

This is a varitype font of Erbar Bold Condensed

This font appeared on "Pleasant Valley Sunday" (66-1007)
through "Good Clean Fun" (66-5005).

Hollywood & Allied plants only.


Gothic Extra Bold Condensed

I think it is found on most of the records.


Franklin Gothic Condensed

 The artist name is set in Franklin Gothic Condensed
and the song title is Gothic Extra Bold Condensed.

This may have been a second pressing for these records.

Only found on the first 2 records.


Spartan Medium Condensed

The artist name is in Spartan Medium Condensed
and the song titles in Trade Gothic Condensed.

This very small font is found only on the second and third records.
and only used by the Hollywood pressing plant.


Megaron with Bold

The font on Oh My My and the some of the Colgems circle labels is
Megaron with Bold - Varitype's equivalent of the Helvetica family.


Special Thanks to W.B. at the Hoffman Music Forums for all the help.