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More Of The Monkees
Box Set

Released on December 22, 2017

R2 560125
4500 Copies

I'm A Believer (2017 Remix)/
(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone (Vocals Only Mix)

This single is only available in More Of The Monkees box set
and is limited to 4500 copies; every set comes with the bonus single.

For the first time the single was shrink wrapped,
so it would be possible to buy a sealed copy on the aftermarket.

Dead Wax:

Side 1: R-32154, 560125-A, "Well Alright"

Side 2: R-32155, 560125-A, "No Girl Not Me"

I believe the "R-XXXXX" is the numbering
from the Rainbow Records pressing plant.


Both of these tunes are unique to this record
and have not been released on CD or for downloading.


Pre-orders began on November 6.

Original release date was December 15, 2017.
However due to manufacturing problems it wasn't
actually released until the 22nd.

Available exclusively at

From the Rhino email:

"Who's ready for even more of MORE? In honor of 50th anniversary this year,
we've super-sized MORE OF THE MONKEES with a staggering 91 tracks
including 55 previously-unreleased alternate takes, remixes,
and newly discovered concert recordings from 1967,
the band's earliest-known live tracks, as well as a bonus 7" of
"I'm A Believer" (Remix)/"(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone" (Vocals Only)."