Hasbro Toys
Show-Biz Babies

These were six-inch dolls packaged with a flexi disc.
But are the Monkees on the records? no, they had New York DJ Gary Stevens
read biographical information about each member. I guess for that time,
that may have been interesting.

I don't collect these, but many longtime fans do and
these do have the Monkees names on each 33 1/3 RPM record,
which makes it somewhat related to the focus of my site.

I wish they would have had the Monkees themselves
provide a short message to the fans; that would have made these really special.

These are all dated 1967, but it looks like they didn't actually come out until early '68.
As best I can tell these sold for about $3.00.


Hasbro 1968 Catalog



Loose Figures


Chicago Tribune Ad
February 25, 1968


March 30, 1968