RCA Singles

Uruguay picture sleeves are the same as Argentina except they
removed "Industria Argentina" from the reverse.

The "Daydream Believer" sleeve mentions the two previous singles
"Little Bit Me..." and "Pleasant Valley Sunday" but it's likely they
did not actually press these records. I found a "D. W. Washburn" single
from Argentina that was used by a Uruguay radio station.

So it's possible that for whatever reason, they only pressed these two singles
(which are the only two that have ever come up for sale)
and imported the rest from Argentina.

CX8 - Radio Sarandi is a Uruguayan AM radio station 
that broadcasts from Montevideo.


Released in 1967


Daydream Believer/
Goin' Down


Released in 1968


Tapioca Tundra


CX8 Radio Sleeve


Released in 1968

CX8 Radio Sleeve

D. W. Washburn/
It's Nice To Be With You

This sleeve contained a promo copy
of this record from Argentina.