RCA Singles

Uruguay picture sleeves are the same as Argentina except they
removed "Industria Argentina" from the reverse.

These records spin at 33 1/3 RPM.

The "Daydream Believer" sleeve mentions the two previous singles
"Little Bit Me..." and "Pleasant Valley Sunday" but it's unlikely they
actually pressed these records (they've never come up for sale).

And recently I found a "D. W. Washburn" single from Argentina
that was used by CX8 Radio Sarandi, which leads me to believe the other
Monkees records were also imported from there as well.

"CX8 - Radio Sarandi" is a Uruguayan AM radio station 
that broadcasts from Montevideo.


Released in 1968?
(no date on record)

Promo Stamp

Daydream Believer/
Goin' Down

Released under the "Disco Para El Verano"
(Hit For The Summer) series.

It stumped me because this was released in the Winter,
but of course they are in the Southern Hemisphere,
so our Winter is their Summer.


Released in July 1968
(Based on Radio Sleeve)


Tapioca Tundra


Promo Stamp & Sticker


CX8 Radio Sleeve


Released in September 1968
(Based on Radio Sleeve)

CX8 Radio Sleeve

D. W. Washburn/
It's Nice To Be With You

This sleeve contained a promo copy
of a record pressed in Argentina.