Summer 1967 Catalog

Photos from this unique advertisement ended up being used
for the cover of their second LP. Don Kirshner saw this as a great marketing
cross promotion, which it was, but artistically, it was embarrassing
for The Monkees, since they thought the album would represent who
they were as a band or at least as a TV show.


"More Of The Monkees" LP
Check out those prices!

Stereo $3.67
Mono $2.77

In 2017 dollars thats about $20 for Mono, $27 for Stereo. Ouch!

The ad is also promoting the mono version which was the most popular format for their first 3 LPs.
They charged more for stereo back then!

Originally stereo records weren't compatible with mono playback equipment but by late '67
that changed and the price became the same for both. Mono was subsequently phased out in '68.

Thanks to Lisa Manekofsky for this great Ad!