Summer 1967 Catalog

Photos from this unique advertisement ended up being used
for the cover of their second LP. Don Kirshner saw this as a great marketing
cross promotion, which it was, but artistically, it was embarrassing
for The Monkees, since they thought the album would represent who
they were as a band or at least as a TV show.


"More Of The Monkees" LP
Check out those prices!

Stereo $3.67
Mono $2.77

In 2017 dollars thats about $20 for Mono, $27 for Stereo.

The ad is also promoting the mono version which was the
most popular format for their first 3 LPs.

Originally stereo records weren't compatible with mono playback equipment
but over the years that changed and on June 1, 1967 RCA raised the mono
prices by $1 to match the stereo LPs. Mono was subsequently phased out in '68.

Thanks to Lisa Manekofsky for this great Ad!