- A great forum site for musicians and those in the industry.
Many long time Monkee collectors post here, I've learned most of what I know
from the guys on these pages.

My website was first born here as I experimented posting images.



The Monkees Live Almanac

- Best site out there for all Monkee tours and live performances.



- One of the earliest Monkees websites and it inspired me to start collecting
and eventually to create this site. Amazing amount of information!



The Monkees Mixography

- Best page for all the unique mixes found for every release.



- an encyclopedia of French picture sleeves!
A fantastic site that allowed me to verify what exists in France for the Monkees.




StewMac's photostream

- Great photos of many hard to find picture sleeves.
StewMac gave me his master list for all known Monkee 45s & EPs and
which helped make credible.



Seeknom's Monkees LP Collection

-Inspired me to start my worldwide LP discography.




- Fantastic site that tracks most of the ongoing sales on Ebay.




- Tracks previous auctions on ebay.
Want to know what a Mono BBM sold for a year ago? They've got it.




- Readers from around the world post images here.
I've gotten many good pics from them that I could not find anywhere else,
and I've contributed hundreds of Monkee photos as well.




Mr. Zero's Monkee Page

- When I started collecting this was my best resource for the USA records and prices,
so this is my tribute to Mr. Zero aka Joe Alterio.




And finally.....

Peter Cooke created the original Monkees global discography at,
which existed from roughly 2001 to 2007.

You can still see what it looked like via the wayback machine internet archive.
(click on a year, then pick a date on the calender)



How I learned to design this site: