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The Best Of The Monkees

Released in June 1986
Highest Chart Position: 21

RIAA Certification:
Gold: August 1986
Platinum: January 1987


1986 Tour Program


LP Record Divider



Side 2 Label: AL9-8432 SB


At the end of the print run of these records and cassettes, Arista
replaced the original version of "Daydream Believer"
with the updated '80s version (AS1-9532) found on this page.

Sealed copies (or still in the shrink wrap) with the green rectangle sticker
shown below should have the LP with the updated song.


Updated Daydream Believer Remix

Side 2 Label: "AL9-8432 SB-RE1"


Sometimes the side 2 label is no different, but the run-off groove or dead wax
will have "RE-1" scratched into it; this will confirm this LP has the updated version of the song.


RE-1 in dead wax


Promo Stamp


RCA Music Club
(Later became BMG)


Columbia Record Club (CRC)

Original Daydream Believer Mix


The Best Of The Monkees

The Silver Eagle Records mail order version of this LP.