Rhino Compilations
The Monkees Greatest Hits

Released on March 24, 1995

RIAA Certification:
Gold: August 2000

R2 72190


R2 72190
Gold Foil Promo Stamped


Columbia Record Club

R2 72190


BMG Music Service

R2 72190


Deluxe Edition

Released on May 18, 1999
R2 75785

The booklet and liner notes are the same.

The disc was upgraded to include a Monkee computer screensaver,
however it is not compatible with todays (2012) version of Mac or Windows.

Curiously it doesn't mention the screen saver anywhere in or on the tin case/booklet.
Only on a sticker on the front. If you buy one opened you would never even know it was there.

There were 'only' 20,000 made according to this barely readable ad: