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My name is Kai, I am 26 years old and I am from Germany. Now a Monkees-Fan for exactly 10 years and I had the pleasure of seeing their concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London last year. Monkeemania is still unbroken.

First of all, your website is just an amazing exibition. You have an incredible collection of records. Your page is a very important and helpful “bible” to any seroius collector.

I am collecting Monkees 45s since that time I became a fan. I’ve specialized my collection on the German Singles. And I thought I have them all together but now I’ve found your website. I‘ve found ONE release which I don’t have.

BUT I’ve also seen that I’ve got one promo version which is missing from your listing: There is also a Promo copy of 66-1001. If you need a scan, let me know.

There is also another label-variation or maybe it is a re-release of Arista single “101 852”.

There should be also another alternate sleeve of RCA-singles “66-1001” and “66-1002”, but I’ve only seen them as a photo in a book. I never found a real item of them. I can send you details if you want.

Do you have any further informations about the RCA-EP (RCD-82010)?

Where have you found the “Arista 106 712” (that’s the one I don’t have)? Do you have any further informations about it?

Would be great to hear from you. Thanks a lot.

February 17, 2012



I just discovered your website. Thanks for taking the time to put it together and for sharing your collection!

I was surprised to learn about the variations in the US Colgems labels; I'd never noticed that. I'll have to pull out my singles to see which ones I have.

On the Billboard LP Reviews page I noticed you don't currently show "Instant Replay", "Present" or the Colgems "Greatest Hits" albums. I'd be happy to send you scans of mine. If you still need them, please let me know the best way to send them to you.

Lisa M.
November 25, 2011


Thought you would enjoy reading this. One of the winners of the Monkees GTO Kellog's giveaway.

Van Beydler
May 30, 2011



Just found out on

NZL / EP The Monkees Volume 3:

Only frontside is okay (RPX 1155), but backside and label a and label b are pictures from RPX 1154!

Best regards from Vienna

May 28, 2011


Very cool pics. Thanks for sharing!
April 20, 2011