Eight ban Record

In 2004 Eight Ban Record marketed this new format to be played
on a low-fi record player made by toymaker Bandai.
It seems these did not sell very well and it died a rather quick death;
the vinyl revival was still a few years away.

However Jack White of The White Stripes fell in love
with this format and brought it to America. He created 6 of these records
and sold them at shows in 2005 as a novelty item with the original Bandai record player.

Then in 2018 Michael Kurtz (co-founder of Record Store Day)
was introduced to the format while in Japan and decided
to offer them with a new Crosley table for RSD in April 2019.

For more information:

3 inch records

ARS Technica

8BR initially pressed five series of 16 records each
and the Monkees were featured twice in the series "Oldies The Best".

Each record is approximately 8cm in diameter or about 3 inches,
is single sided and can play up to 4 minutes of music.
The word "ban" can be translated as "disc".

They came in a blind box format, with sealed generic outer sleeves.
You wouldn't know which records you were buying until you opened it.


Blind Box & Record Sleeve



(Theme From) The Monkees



Daydream Believer