Colgems Singles
Pressing Plants

Hollywood, CA (H)


Indianapolis, IN (I)

Most common, sometimes the 'I' will look like a 1.


Rockaway, NJ (R)

Least common of the main 3 RCA plants

Some of the labels from Rockaway's "Tear Drop City" and
"Listen To The Band" are unique and subsequently less common to find.


In the summer of 1967, when Pleasant Valley Sunday (PVS) was pressed,
the Rockaway, NJ plant workers went on strike.
Subsequently, many copies of PVS were sub-contracted to
other plants, such as the Colombia Records pressing plant in Terre Haute, Indiana
where they were pressed on styrene, instead of vinyl. 


Allied Record Co. (A)

This record has the "H" scratched out with an "A" etched next to it. 
This is from the Allied Record Co. which is also located in Hollywood. 
They must have gotten the metal stampers from the local RCA plant. 


Terra Haute Pressing Plant (T)

The "T II" indicates that this is from the Terra Haute plant and that 
2 metal mothers had been made from that one lacquer.