Christmas Records


This was initially sold via mail order to the Monkees Fan Club in December 1976,
but was also available to retailers for sale in stores as seen here
in Billboard as "New Christmas Product":

December 25, 1976


No picture sleeve issued
for this version.

CDS 700-A/701-B

Christmas Is My Time Of The Year/
White Christmas


CDS 700-A/701-B

Christmas Is My Time Of The Year/

Distribution of the promotional record was
very limited and copies today are hard to find.

Ed Reilly said that
"Chip [Douglas] had on hand (at the '84 Chicago Monkees Convention)
reissued copies of "Christmas Is My Time of Year"
on a 45 RPM with no picture sleeve but he did have the flyer."

So Chip was selling this single for years and
subsequently the stock copy is pretty easy to find.

Ed Reilly's book:
Author of The Monkees: A Manufactured Image -
The Ultimate Reference Guide to Monkee Memories and Memorabilia



Chip remixed both of these songs and it was initially sold at the
September 1986 Los Angeles Monkee Convention.

Both songs had their drum tracks heavily reverb'd with processed sound;
that was very much the style of production for the mid-to-late 1980's music scene.

"White Christmas" also added piano and strings.

In one interview, Chip Douglas said he did this partially in response to Michael Lloyds
remixed version of Arista's "Daydream Believer" (released October 1986).

Gary Strobl designed the J-card & picture sleeve.

CDS 702-A/703-B

Christmas Is My Time Of The Year/
White Christmas


CDS 702