Found some promo samplers from Germany and gave them their own page here.

Also received the brand new Rhino 180 G Head LP today with the Circle Sky/Can You Dig It promo single. Sadly, with no picture sleeve.

Went to the Austin Record Convention and it was a total FAIL. Very lame show, more like a flea market really. I would say 85% of the dealers were unorganized and just had $1, $5 bins that you could spend hours looking through to fine a garbage record. I brought big bucks to find the best of the best and no one had anything to offer. I guess there are just not many Monkee record collectors out there. I did make some good contacts.

The next Rhino Box Set is available for pre-order: Instant Replay and it will have another promo single with a nice 2 sided picture sleeve. Can't wait to see it!


Added 4 new ones to Chile and 1 each to Peru (Daydream Believer with pic sleeve) and to the Philippines. Austin Record Convention this weekend, hope to find something!

Also finally found a very nice sealed copy of the Monkees only record on the Bell label "Refocus". Extremely hard record to find sealed; open they are a dime a dozen. This was a nice warehouse find with the original price sticker of $3.88 still on there. I paid considerably more than that!


Found a Last Train To Clarksville from the Hollywood Pressing Plant. Only one I've ever seen, but because the font is not unique there would be no way to spot it, except by looking at it up close. Just got lucky because I found it with another Sepia sleeve, only this one had a deeper notch cut; plus the sleeve had no ring wear and just looked fantastic. So I grabbed it and low and behold its from Hollywood. Very cool!

October 2:

Updated the Mexican 1119 EP with a better copy; found a promo for the first record from Davy Jones's vanity label and cleaned up and added better pics for the USA collectables reissue series here.

Finally found the Type 2 label version of the Davy Jones' "My Favorite Monkee" promo. This one has "Promotion Copy" only on the left side of the label. I see a copy of this record come up for sale about once every 2 years.

That leaves me with only one known USA record/label/picture sleeve variation that I am missing. The yellow label promo "Oh My My" with the RCA symbol on the bottom in a circle. I have a pic here that I grabbed off the net sometime back, but I haven't seen one come up for sale in quite a few years, if ever.