RCA Promo Only Sleeve from Chile

Bought a few of these sleeves from a dealer who found them in an old stock sale
from a Chilean radio station. These same picture sleeve was also used in Peru,
but these have no catalog number or song titles.

I'm always a bit leery of picture sleeves I've never seen before showing up for sale
because there are a few crooked dealers selling modern fakes on ebay already;
however these all appear to be geniune, with age spots, wrinkles, some small tears and ring wear.



Yet another promo postcard from Germany, this time from January 1968:

This is the fourth one I've found and I updated the "Daydream Believer"
release date from December to January 1968, as I've found these postcards
accurately reflect when the record was released.

Promotional paperwork & advertising from most foreign countries is very, very difficult to find.
Ads from the UK are easy to find and the CHUM charts from Canada are too, but thats about it.




Two new ones from Peru:

"Tear Drop City/A Man Without A Dream" with all Spanish labels.

I've long suspected that this record existed, because
I had a copy of the next release "Someday Man", but with other
countries you never really know. Nice to finally find this one.


Another one I've never seen before...the '86 promo single
for "That Was Then, This Is Now".


Both my promo and stock copies of "That Was Then...."
came with this sleeve from IEMPSA:

I originally thought this was issued in the '60s when they didn't have a
regular picture sleeve handy, but I now believe this sleeve was created
for this Arista single because IEMPSA had no connection to the original RCA releases.

BTW these are probably the lowest quality Monkee sleeves ever made!
Some were printed backwards, like the above one, but in any case,
the thin, cheap paper tends to not survive very well.

I've got about 5 of them by now, because some dealers will add it to an
RCA pressing to increase sales; but I don't believe they were originally together.

Promo stamped on the reverse.



Another promo from Japan:

"I Wanna Be Free/Valleri"


This "Star Collector/No Time" from early 1968, has a printed 400 Yen price tag,
I've never seen a copy of this sleeve like this.

A little history:

Up through "Valleri" (April 1968) all the Monkees singles were sold at 370 Yen.
As they continued to sell them, they made a running change to go back and
add 400 Yen stickers to the older eight singles, which speaks to the continued
popularity of the band at that time.

As far as I can tell, "Star Collector" was not a top 20 hit record, but the powers
that be liked it enough to rearranged the 'Pisces' LP to make it the first track on side one.

D.W. Washburn (August 1968) and everything released after it was priced at 400 Yen.
So this sleeve for "Star Collector" must have been printed in late 1968.
I wonder how many of the other older sleeves were reissued this way?

Here is the original sleeve and one with a 400 Yen sticker:




Added Michael's "The Prison" LP/Box Set with thanks to Ben Belmares
for scanning in all those pages and Ed Reilly for the concert program.