Jan. 31st: Finished all the countries without pics; Philippines was the hardest. Also finished Iran, Peru and Portugal. Spent quite some time trying to sweeten how it looks and making sure each page looks the same.

Jan. 30th: Added some new pics for links, looks a little nicer. Finished re-sizing the other thumbnails and Bolivia, Holland, Singapore, Sweden and Turkey are now complete.

Jan. 29th: Re-sizing the thumbnails for Holland to 100x100, want to get at least 4 per line, my wide screen monitor has no problems but in checking with my buddies and seeing how it looks on different browsers/monitors they only get 3 per line at 200x200. Full page shots seem to work fine at 800x800.

Jan. 27th: Got the Navigation buttons (at the bottom) working, with the feedback form being a real headache to put together, but its tested and it works. I have also made a page for each country but only Belgium, Colombia, El Salvador, Ireland and Israel are complete. There are thousands of photos so this could take quite a while.