Bought a Collectables blue colored vinyl box set and loaded all 18 singles here. These sets can be found between $50-$100 and are a nice way to pick up a complete set of Monkee singles, plus some singles that should have been. The vinyl was manufactured by Rhino and is kinda thin and flimsy compared to the bonus singles they put out now.


Got pics of 4 new sealed Colgem LPs with the promo "Not For Sale" stamps. That means I've seen a sealed promo copy of 7 of the 11 possible Colgems records; only missing the first 3 and 'Barrel Full Of Monkees'. The 'Pisces' LP I got from a former RCA executive who worked during 60's. The Head and BBM LPs were from a DJ and I also found a 'Monkees Present' floating around on ebay. Its odd, but I've never seen a promo copy of 'Headquarters', open or sealed.

Also added a Go Magazine from the Rhino cd booklet for March 14, 1969 with the Instant Replay LP cover.

Got Last Train To Clarksville from Turkey and from Japan, a new pic sleeve for Davy (I Really Love You) and Micky (Huff Puff).

Finally found a Porpoise Song pic sleeve without any ring wear, but its still not perfect.


Added 3 new pics of the Billboard LP Reviews found here of Instant Replay, Present and their first Greatest Hits. Thanks to Lisa Manekofsky for providing the missing ones!


Just got the Instant Replay box set in with the new single: I Go Ape/(I Prithee) Do Not Ask For Love. Very cool pic sleeve!


Should be getting the Instant Replay Rhino Hand made box set this month along with a cool new bonus single.

Tough to find anything else recently!