From Thailand an unusual picture sleeve for the Monkees on the Orient label:



Completed the Rhino Box Set pages with "Listen To The Band" from 1991 and "Music Box" from 2001.

The booklet and poster for LTTB was quite a lot of scanning and then stitching together to form some cohesive pics. I think they turned out very nice, the only problem is that the size of the font in the booklet is small compared to the size of the page; which means the text appears 4 times smaller than my other liner notes. You can barely read it, but the pics are nice.



Hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving! I'm still eating leftover turkey and pie.

This is the perfect PS for Thanksgiving. Its from Turkey and features the family. Amazing.


Got a couple more EP picture sleeves in from El Salvador, they are just like the Mexican ones, except they are on heavy card stock and the printing is a little off on the front cover.



And from Japan, the unbelievably hard to find Bell EP series

I know at least 5 exist, and I have 4 of them only missing HQ. Whether they did any of the EPs past Birds, Bees & Monkees is a complete unknown. They did issue all 9 LPs on the Bell Label; of all the releases in Japan the Bell ones are the toughest to find. These EPs are even harder.


Also finished (for now) the 8-tracks and most of the cassettes. I don't collect any tapes so the pics I have are just whatever I can find from the net; but some are pretty good. The Rhino and Arista cassettes I still need to finish.


Most of the CDs are done; I keep finding more and more Rhino compilations that I need to add. I think I'm down to the '94 guitar shaped sampler and the Tutti Legends best of. Still need to pick up a decent copy of the Rhino handmade Summer 1967 box set.

After I finally tracked down an affordable copy of Rhino's Pool It! cd (I can't believe what people are asking for these on ebay) I found out it was issued twice: '87 and '95! So now I'm waiting on the an '87 copy to come in the mail.

Still got records coming in from Thailand, Mexico, Japan, India and Germany. Whew!



Started to work on my Tape section by completing the reel to reel tapes. Fortunately, there are not too many of them. 8 tracks are next.

Work progresses on the CD section. I'll soon have all the USA releases, including greatest hits. I don't have the money or time to do every CD release world wide, but I do have the important Japanese BVCA series & the By Request 3 disc set. The only other significant release is the first ever Monkee CD, which is from Germany. I need to find a copy, because my pic is so bad for that one.

Completed the Flashback Series and the Rhino 2011 reissue CDs.



Had a great time in Santa Barbara seeing the Monkees! Highlights include "You Told Me", "Sunny Girlfriend", "Early Morning Blues And Greens" (sung by Peter) "Tapioca Tundra" and "You Just May Be The One". I wish they had also done "Love Is Sleeping" and "Door Into Summer". Maybe next time!

Also ran into Andrew Sandoval and after thanking him for his book, popped the question: any new box set from Rhino? He said he knew nothing, but was still hoping something would happen.

Recent finds:

Added another 'Golden Treasures' Bell record from Canada, I have 2 out of 3 of them, and they are tough to find.



Also found all 3 of the original Bell Flashback records from the USA. I thought I already had them, but mine had the Arista address at the bottom, so those were a transitional label from Bell to Arista.



Coming soon: Japan Bell EP, 2 picture sleeves from El Salvador and Thailand's Orient Records.

Also started the Rhino Flashback CD section and will add the other CDs as they come in the mail.



Finished all the compact disc reissues on Rhino, Arista and Friday Music. Also the Rhino Handmade box sets. There are a few misc. cds and the Music Box set still to go, but mostly all the 'important' cds are posted. Many, many liner notes! I put all the liner notes because I want to be able to read them without having to pull out the booklet every time. Enjoy!

Leaving town in the morning to fly out for the Monkee concert in Santa Barbara I hope everyone is able to see them this go around! Should be a great show!