Found a real nice high grade copy of the last EP from Portugal:

This one has a mono version of "Tear Drop City". In the USA, only the promo was mono
as Colgems/RCA had transitioned to stereo for their singles.

As I've only seen 2 of these in the wild I consider myself very fortunate
to have found this one! To the best of my knowledge, Portugal only released 8 EPs
and never any singles or LPs.



Found 6 of the Toronto radio station CHUM Charts with the Monkees on them as it tracked
their latest single, "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You/She Hangs Out".

After 2 weeks that Canadian single was withdrawn and
"The Girl I Knew Somewhere" became the new B-side.

This pic shows the second week it was on the charts (#8) with the original flip side.



The 'Pisces' LP from Peru

Also from Peru, the first single that has the "85" prefix before the 614 catalog number.
It was either updated at some point or it could be from a different pressing plant.
There are alot of variations in the labels and sleeves from Peru.



Two 10" demo acetates from Takao Murakoshi:

"Star Collector" sung by Gerry Goffin


"I Won't Be The Same Without Her"

Sung by Carol King

Thank you Takao!


Recently discovered Colgems circle symbol style label for D. W. Washburn:

When the Monkees reruns began on CBS in 1969, their entire catalog of records
were reissued and Colgems updated their labels.

Since this exists its quite possible they used these labels for "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You",
"Porpoise Song" & "Tear Drop City" as well. Time will tell.



The first LP from the Netherlands. Its a book & record club edition (Boek En Plaat)

I've only seen this and one other greatest hits from the Netherlands,
I'm not sure if RCA actually pressed any records there; they may have just
imported them from Germany, as the labels closely resemble the German releases.




I found "Head" from Canada -

Unfortunately they didn't use the mylar cover, but it seems no one outside the USA
did either; however I do like the unique labels they used for their soundtrack LPs.


Also picked up the one missing Kool-Aid ad from 1969. I'm pretty sure my mom
used this to mail away for the hand buzzer and snake-in-a-can that we had back then -
jokes that seem way cooler than the really are, I mean how many times are going to fool
the same person with that can of peanuts? I guess it was great for parties.

It's great to be able to track down this last ad. This is the only one of the 3 that actually
mentions the Monkees name!




Well by now most everybody is getting their Monkees Super Deluxe Box Set since it started shipping earlier this week. Hope you are enjoying it as much as me. I love the Sessions disc the most so far.

It's too bad there wasn't a bonus single this time. I suspect they included it
in the previous sets to increase sales and they realized this one didn't need it.

Remember the 'Birds' and 'Head' box sets came with a button before they axed that idea.
At least we are still getting liner notes. Fridays didn't even have that in their Mono LP set.



Arista UK Promo 112 158:

This and the companion 3 song EP, 112 157 were the last two vinyl records released in the UK.
They were also released on CD.



Davy's "I Really Love You" from Australia:

I don't know if Davy's solo tunes immediately following the Monkees breakup even charted,
but Bell released at least 3 singles and one LP there.

"Do It In The Name Of Love" (also on the Bell label) may exist as well, but I've never seen one.

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