Created two new sections under Michael Nesmith:
"Armed Forces" for his AFRTS records and "Sounds Like The Navy"
for those 2 Navy promo records.

Also found more info about the AFRTS records for the Monkees.
The 'Pisces' record featured the songs "Hard To Believe",
"Don't Call On Me" & "Star Collector". Only 3 songs!

From what I can tell AFRTS had at least two releases per week:
a various artists disc, which is where you would have found the Monkees hit singles
and a two-artist full-length split LP, which featured album cuts, but none of the hit singles.

It seems most copies were thrown away at the end of their weekly cycle,
so these things are pretty scarce.


Also found a new promo picture sleeve for Nez's "Joanne" from Italy:

It's not too often I find picture sleeves I've never seen before, so this is really cool!


Here is a promo stamped picture sleeve of Nevada Fighter from Portugal:




Found the first Japanese RCA EP with the obi strip still on it.
The only other one I have ever seen is owned by Akira Suzuki,
and it is the only known 7 inch record to have come with one.

The back of the obi is a coupon for the same contest that is mentioned
in their first single, except the last date to enter has been changed to January 31, 1967.

That could account for why so few of them survive today,
as most people would have clipped it and mailed it off.


RCA Single SS-1706 coupon with contest info.


Promo sticker for "D. W. Washburn" from Argentina:


On the left, an early alternate label for this El Salvador EP:

I'm guessing the second one with the color dog and the RCA block letters
was pressed later on.


An advance promo of Micky's UK single "Tomorrow":


More records coming from Japan, Australia, France, Italy, and Spain.



Added some pics by Dave Farley:

"The Wichita Train Whistle Sings" from Michael Nesmith


"What Am I Doing Hangin' 'Round?"

This was issued as the B-side to the Australian single "Mary, Mary"
when the Monkees were touring there in 1968.

The single didn't get a picture sleeve, so maybe this behind-the-scenes
picture from the Monkees movie "Head" would have been used.

In the picture they are dangling on hidden wires, so I guess they are
just sorta 'hanging round'....somebody at Columbia Music
had some fun with this photo!

Great stuff, Thanks Dave!