Phew! Took a long time for these records to come in and then I had to scan in 20 at once. Added 12 new records to the Philippines page. Including a new variation of the "I Wanna Be Free/Theme" single. The early version has a black & white dog/gramophone and the later version is coloured.

Added I'm A Believer to the Ireland page, only missing one more that I know of...also found the last Flashback record, leaving me only 5 missing from the USA.

Best new find in the last year: 2 new ones from Iran. The only known Monkee record on the Royal label is a 2-EP set with 8 songs all from Headquarters! The vinyl is a surprising EX and very quiet. And I finally found something on the Monogram label:


This is a very nice all colour shot of the band with 4 songs from their debut LP. I knew of this record existence because it was mentioned on the back of another release, but I have never seen one come up for sale. Bidding was fierce for this record!


Welcome to 2012! This year I hope to continue finding unique 7 inch Monkee records from around the world. Since I think I have most of them already, the supply is growing thinner and updates have been much slower.

I went to a few convention/shows and hit some stores last year, but nothing ever panned out. Being a hard-core Monkee collector; meaning, all I collect are Monkee records....makes it difficult to just browse sellers. Typically I'll clean out the best stuff from one seller and then go to the next, rarely buying anything again from that same seller.

First find from 2012: Mommy And Daddy from Australia with an orange label! If you scroll down on this page you can see the change from black to orange happened during the production run for this single. Never knew it existed.

Broke down and bought a dozen singles from the Philippines. There are at least 36 singles from here and I only had one. No picture sleeves are known but they had some very unique single combos such as: Don't Listen To Linda/Me Without You and French Song/If I Knew.