Found a somewhat rare cassette; the 1995 Rhino Greatest Hits:


Added some Brazilian LPs:


Got a sexy lady picture sleeve in from Thailand on the RTA label. Warning: NSFW!

These picture sleeves, while pretty common in Thailand for that time, are pretty uncommon for the Monkees.



Completely revamped the Japanese CD section. Now each CD includes the full liner notes. Since much of this is in Japanese, and I can't read Japanese, I hope someone out there appreciates it! Each of the CDs has about 30 pages of liner notes with the lyrics in English and Japanese.

The "By Request" 3 CD set comes in at slightly over 100 pages - the biggest set I ever hope to do. I was surprised that it was even bigger than the Rhino "Music Box" 4 CD Set. I believe the "By Request" is the first CD box set ever done for the Monkees; predating the "Listen To The Band" box set by 2 years. Back then Arista controlled the label and they weren't doing much with it in the USA.

Also added the LP label scans of Arista's Hit Factory and the Silver Eagle mail-order only version of "Then & Now...The Best Of The Monkees".



Found a decent copy of the first ever Monkee CD:

Added some new cassettes and upgraded some of the photos:

Finished all the variations of the "More Greatest Hits Of The Monkees" Arista LPs:

Also bought the first label version of "That Was Then, This Is Now". I could never seem to find a really nice copy, but finally was able to add this last USA single to my site and updated the whole page accordingly:


There is also a 12" version of this label, but I've never seen one, anyone got photos?



Added a new one from Thailand: TK 161 with "Words". In many countries outside the USA this song was more popular than the A-side "Pleasant Valley Sunday". In the USA it was the highest charting B-side at #11.


Also finished the Rhino and Bell LPs with labels and both versions of Monkee Business noted.
Monkee Flips info added as well.



Got a new 45 in from India (DW Washburn) but without pictures sleeves, not too exciting.

Added a new section in USA LPs: Head Radio Interview from pics I got from an ebay sale back in 2009. It sold for....
$1277.00...all time high for a Monkee LP!

Added some new label pics in the Arista and Rhino LP section.

Noted the RE-1s that exist for Rhino's "Monkee Flips" and "Birds Bees, Monkees"
Still working on the "Monkee Business" LP versions.

Found a slightly smaller Cash Box LP slick for Pisces.

Records still coming from Thailand and Portugal (with picture sleeves).



Completed the Colgems LP section with Ben Belmares providing most of the outstanding label pics. I just need some label pics for some of the Arista and the Bell LPs.

Also went back and re-scanned the advertisements from Billboard, Cash Box, Go, Record World and a few others.



Welcome to 2013!

Finished up the layout for the Colgems LP section, still missing some labels for HQ and a mono jacket for Pisces. Everything else is pretty much done. Now I need to go back and re-scan all my ads like I did for my LPs.

New records on the way from India, Portugal and Thailand.