From Germany this rare picture sleeve:

I've seen other bands with this same sleeve,
but exactly why Germany printed up 3 different picture sleeves for 'Last Train' is a mystery.


Found this Armed Services LP with 6 cuts from the stereo version of "The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees":


More Sheet Music:


Revamped the DVD/Blu-Ray section to include the Rhino & Columbia releases of Head
and to make navigation easier on the DVDs of Season 1 and 2.

Here is the LaserDisc:

The LaserDisc jacket is LP size and looks fantastic!



Silver Moon from India:

And the rather hard to find RCA stock copy of "Roll With The Flow/Keep On"
this was Nez's last RCA single.


Another unique pairing from the Philippines, "If I Knew/French Song":



Found a real nice copy of this Canadian withdrawn single:




BMG version of this Rhino cassette:


Arista's Holiday Sampler from 1986 with the remixed Daydream Believer.


Finally found the last press release for the Rhino 1994-95 reissues. Here are all 3:


Found a real nice D.W. Washburn picture sleeve.
This is the harder to find version with the thumb tab cut-out on the B-side.


The first reel to reel:


More records, cassettes and more cool Nez items coming soon...



With Ben Belmares help I've finished up Michael's RCA LPs. Thanks Ben!


The Puerto Rican version of the mono Birds LP.
Its one of only 4 countries to issue that unique dedicated mono mix.
I need to track this one down someday.

USA copies are commanding upwards of $1000 and even the Rhino Box set is going for $200 +,
so if you've got a turntable...the cheapest way to get this on vinyl is finding one from Israel, Puerto Rico or Brazil.



Found the last one I was missing from Ireland. They pretty much mirrored what the UK released
except they stopped after D.W. Washburn. Another country I can cross off my list!


Added these Song Books to the sheet music section.