A newly discovered single from Portugal:

Daydream Believer/Goin' Down

After just saying I didn't think they issued any singles there, now I find this one.
But I had forgotten that this one single was mentioned on the back of the first
Pisces EP (TP-396)

No other singles are mentioned on the other sleeves, so it might very well be
the only one released in Portugal.



The advance UK promo for "Last Train To Clarksville" plus an advertisement from
New Music Express both dated October 14, 1966:

Although a top 10 hit in the USA when released in the UK, this record failed to chart.
However with the TV show debut on December 31 and the subsequent
January release of "I'm A Believer", 'Last Train' finally charted 4 months later
in February of 1967 peaking at 23.



Thanks to Stew Mac, I've now got the labels for these records from Thailand:

CT 895



The Monkees in Thailand appear on at least 8 labels as at that time they did not
recognize the intellectual property rights of artists from around the world. So whatever
was popular got released. The records are dubbed from vinyl but quality wasn't their primary concern.
What the Thailand labels were really good at (like Iran), was the variety of picture sleeves.

Coming soon: singles from the UK, Portugal & Jamaica.



Advance promo copy of "Joanne" from the UK:


Two later Mexican singles from Stew Mac:

"D. W. Washburn/It's Nice To Be With You"


"Tear Drop City/A Man Without A Dream"

I've got most of the singles but have never seen a copy of "Pleasant Valley Sunday",
and it's not known if Mexico pressed "Porpoise Song" or the 3 last singles.



I was playing the Davy Jones single "I'll Believe in You/Road To Love" when
I realized it was in mono. Now, most of what Bell records released (45s anyway)
were in mono, including all 4 of Davy's post-Monkee singles. Bell's primary market
was AM radio, which of course, was broadcast in mono. They did make a few
stereo promos and a few records that were one side mono,
one side stereo, but that was about it.

So that got me thinking what about the single "Do It In The Name Of Love/Lady Jane"
(USA Bell 986). Well, I can confirm that it is mono. Then I checked my Canada &
New Zealand copies and they are mono as well. Unfortunately I don't own the
Philippines version. However, Japan is clearly in stereo and sounds
just like the version that later showed up as a bonus track on the 1994 Rhino Changes CD.

It is unlikely producer Jeff Barry created a dedicated mix for these songs,
so what we probably have here is a fold-over; the stereo master tape has been
condensed into a one channel mono.

This appears to not be widely known. This mono version has never been reissued in any form
and most people do not own a copy of this record. It doesn't appear on any of the
greatest hits packages, however 'Do It In The Name Of Love' is on disc 4
of the "Listen To The Band" box set, with a unique stereo remix created just for that set.

I only know of 5 countries that released this record: USA, Canada, Japan (twice),
New Zealand and the Philippines. Australia is likely to have, but I've never seen one.



I updated my "Want List" for the 7 inch records to accurately reflect the photos I'm missing
from this site and moved my personal want list to another page. That should make it easier
to share any pics you have. I'm avoiding listing the foreign LPs because I'm missing so many of them!


Here are a couple more records from Stew Mac, this time from New Zealand:

"Cuddly Toy/Me Without You"

This is an odd pairing of two Davy sung songs that was released in September '69.
I've never seen this in the wild, so this one is pretty rare.


"Oh My My/I Love You Better"

Released in June 1970. The final RCA single, another rare one.

These last 2 records complete my New Zealand discography.
Nice to finally be able to post these pics! (now if I could only find them....)



A sealed stereo copy of Davy's first LP from 1965:


And this Chile promo from Stew Mac:

"Forget That Girl/No Time"

Two great 'Headquarters' songs. Chile had at least 3 of these CRC promo
records, with RCA not even mentioned on the label.
I wonder if these were made under special circumstances.



An unusual black & white label for Davy Jones' last Bell single:

"I'll Believe In You/Road To Love"

Originally this had "Promotional Copy - Not For Sale" printed on it, but someone scratched it out.
It isn't a promo, so I don't know what the story is on that one.

Also redid Davy's Bell records section; giving each single its own page,
it was getting to be rather confusing with all the pics in one spot.


More cool stuff from Stew Mac:

These are both from Uruguay. They had the same picture sleeves
as Argentina, but with different labels. I remember when these came up for sale,
Stew bought them and I didn't and I've never seen them again. So you never know!


The Philippines from Stew Mac:

Also added chart positions for the Philippines; interesting ones include
"Hard To Believe" and "It's Nice To Be With You" both to #1
and "Me Without You" to #9.


Nesmith from Italy:

"Silver Moon" with a cool solarization effect promo picture sleeve.
Not sure if a stock sleeve exists for this one.



From my original site partner Stew Mac:

Many additions to the Canadian LP section with jacket variations,
such as the rather-impossible-to-find white cover of the first "Greatest Hits"

Turns out there is a very small "RE" on both sides of the jacket, so this may
have been reissued sometime later, perhaps in 1970.


"Present" and "Changes" from Canada:


Found a much better copy of the "Monkee News" from August 1966:

This was probably the earliest promotional ad for their first single.


Also found a cassette copy of Michael's "Loose Salute"
and created a new page for his RCA Cassettes.