Created a page for the cereal records.

Also added the "Complete Album Collection" 10 CD box set.



One of the strangest picture sleeves just got stranger
as I've found a third variation for it, now the pink eyes are yellow:



Multiple picture sleeves are what you commonly see in
Thailand or Iran on the local record labels. RCA was not known
for this kind of variety, Peru certainly knew how to be creative!


Found a much better looking label for "Daydream Believer" from Chile:



Found a better pic of what the cereal records will look like:


Also here is a German test copy of "Daydream Believer" on the Bell label:

In Germany they used the same labels for test copies and promos,
and since this is not a printed label, I'm inclined to believe it is a test copy.

Found a much better copy still in the original shrink wrap of the Colgems Head
(COSO-5008 RE) with the updated producer credit "Gerry Goffin".
Then a few weeks later found a sealed copy, amazing.

Every copy I've seen so far has the back cover slightly faded
compared to the misspelled cover "Jerry Goffin".

It seems likely that all their records were reissued in the fall of 1969,
when the show began airing on Saturday mornings.

The first two LPs got the updated Colgems circle logo on the back,
along with this corrected back cover of "Head". Most of the singles were also
reissued with the updated Colgems circle logo.

"Headquarters" was reissued with the correctly captioned 'beard photo'
but because both mono and stereo versions exist in good quantities,
it was probably reissued in late 1967 or early 1968, before mono was phased out.